WWI Bookstore

During 2014, the Centennial Year of the First World War, Monongahela Books will be featuring its own WWI Bookstore, with a significant increase in titles on all aspects of the war. Click on any of the scrolling icons below for a selection of titles on that subject, or click the navigation bar above to visit the WWI Bookstore main page, where you can access 35 different subject areas about the First World War.

German invasion of Belgium, 1914
German & Austrian armies
British Expeditionary Force
Gallipoli Foch French Army The Great War in Africa Verdun Lafayette Escadrille Guynemer The Great War in the Air The Sinking of the Lusitania The Somme Bruce Bairnsfather Medical' The 'Bloody Red Baron' Lawrence of Arabia Ypres Mata Hari Weaponry of WWI Bolshevik Revolution The American Expeditionary Force 'Black Jack' Pershing Belleau Wood Horses in the Great War Transportation in the Great War WWI Literature Russia & the Eastern Front Cemeteries & Memorials

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