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Find the Cheapest Texas Homeowners Insurance

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Texas is the second most populous state in the nation and it places third for the highest homeowners insurance rates, according to www.TexasQuotes.com. The national average is under $900 while the Texas statewide average is over $1600. This proves one thing: everything is bigger in Texas. There is also a large disparity between the different cities Texans call home. For example, El Paso residents pay 50 percent less than the state average while Needville residents pay over $2500. With such high premiums, Texans are forced to find every discount possible.

A major contributor to the high premiums are hailstorms. The TDI reported that nearly $10.5 billion worth of hailstorm claims were paid out between the years of 1999 and 2011, which is the most of any category. In addition, there were over 320,000 hail claims between the years of 2010 and 2012, which doubles all other states. With that being said, Texans still deserve to find affordable home insurance quotes Texas offers.

Cities with the Cheapest Rates in Texas

Cities with the most affordable homeowners insurance rates are dispersed throughout the state, however, because of tropical storms, the cheapest cities tend to be far from the Gulf of Mexico, and tornado activity makes the northern cities more expensive. Here are the top five cheapest cities in Texas for homeowners insurance:

  1. El Paso $824
  2. Round Rock $920
  3. San Marcos $962
  4. Taylor $986
  5. College Station $1019