Ralph Jay Airhart

51st Company, 5th Regiment, #117502

Name: Ralph Jay Airhart, 117502

Residence: Oreville, Ohio
Enlistment Division: United States Marine Corps
Enlistment Location: Akron, Ohio.
Enlistment Date: 26 Apr 1917
Birth Place: Shreve, Ohio.
Birth Date / Age: 20 Feb 1899

Philadelphia, Pa, 19 Apr 1917;
Co D., 1 May 1917; 51st Co, 5th Regiment, 7 June 1917;
France, 3 July 1917;
Replacement Battalion, 30 June 1918;
Barracks Detachment, NY, 2 Oct 1918;
3 Naval District, NY, 6 Dec 1918;
Naval Hospital, Great Lakes, Ill, 18 June 1919;
Central Receiving Division, 18 June 1919.

Aisne; Champagne-Marne; Defensive Sector.
Wounded In Action, 15 June 1918.
American Expeditionary Forces, 3 July 1917 to 25 Sept 1918.
Discharge, 18 Oct 1919.

Medical Survey 25% disabled.
Character excellent.
File no 84345.

Official Roster of Ohio Soldiers and Marines,
World War 1917-1918
, Volume #22

If you have any information on this Marine,
please contact Sgt T.I. Airhart, USMC,
currently in Iraq (as of June '03),
but soon to be home and reachable at:
Thad7542@yahoo.com .

The following information from a different source was offered by Georges Bailly:

Private Ralph J. AIRHART
Enlisted 27 April 1917
51st Co, 5th Regiment.
Wounded on June 15th 1918 at Belleau Wood.
In Hospital from 15th to 30th June.
Then transferred to Replacement Bn.
Joined BD, MB, New York, N.Y. on October 2nd.

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