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~~ "Champagne, 1914-15" , a poem which appeared in THE HARVARD VOLUNTEERS IN EUROPE: PERSONAL RECORDS OF EXPERIENCE IN MILITARY, AMBULANCE, AND HOSPITAL SERVICE, edited by M.A. DeWolfe Howe, Harvard University Press, November 1916.

~~~ POEMS With an introduction by William Archer. (NY: Charles Scribner's Sons, 1916).

~~~ LETTERS AND DIARY OF ALAN SEEGER (NY: Charles Scribner's Sons, 1917).

~~~ A LA MEMOIRE DE ALAN SEEGER ET DE SES CAMARADES, LES VOLONTAIRES AMERICAINS MORTS POUR LA FRANCE. TROIS POEMES D'ALAN SEEGER, INSPIRES PAR LA GUERRE. "Ces trois poemes ont ete lus a la Comedie-Francaise, au cours de la Matinee du 21 Janvier 1917, par Mme SECOND WEBER et M. SILVAIN, apres que M. RENE BESNARD, Sous-Secretaire d'Etat a la Guerre, eut rendu hommage a' la memoire des volontaires americains. Three poems, translated into French: "Champagne 1914-15", J'ai un rendez-vous avec la Mort...."and "Amerique et France", with a brief biographical notice. Stapled, printed paper wraps, 16 pages. (Imp. Henri Dieval, Place des Victoires, Paris, no date).

~~~ ALAN SEEGER, LE POETE DE LA LEGION ETRANGE. Ses Lettres et Poemes. Ecrits Durant la Guerre Reunis par son Pere et Traduits par Odette Raimondi-Matheron. Paris: Payot & Cie,1918. 12mo, 311pp. Printed paper wraps.

~~ "Alan Seeger, Poet of the Legion" , a chapter in THE VANGUARD OF AMERICAN VOLUNTEERS , by Edwin W. Morse, Charles Scribner's Sons, 1918.

~~~ ODE IN MEMORY OF THE AMERICAN VOLUNTEERS FALLEN FOR FRANCE. "By Alan Seeger, a soldier of the French Foreign Legion born June 22, 1888; killed in Action July 4, 1916, Belloy-en-Santerre." [The American Legion Department of France printed above title]. Paris: Printed by Herbert Clarke, 338, Rue Saint-Honore, [1920]. 8vo, printed stapled self-wraps. "Composed for Decoration Day in 1916, this Ode was to have been read before the statue of Lafayette and Washington in Paris. By appropriate Resolution of the American Legion this Ode is to be read at all ceremonies conducted by members in France on Memorial Day 1920."

~~~ Irving Werstein, SOUND NO TRUMPET: THE LIFE AND DEATH OF ALAN SEEGER. (NY: Thomas Y. Crowell Company, 1967).

~~ Harlech, Amanda (ed), ALAN SEEGER, THE COMPLETE WORKS, in three volumes, boxed. (Paris, Edition 7L / Steidl, 2001). Volume 1: Poems, with an introduction by William Archer. Volume 2: Letters and Diary. Volume 3: Alan Seeger, a selection of poems, letters and diary entries by Amanda Harlech with contemporary black & white photographs of French and American locations by Karl Lagerfeld.

Scarce first English edition of Seeger's Letters and Diary. London: Constable and Company. 1917. First Edition. Pages uncut and unopened. This particular copy came from the Scribner's Library in New York and contains a note from Charles Scribner, Jr., presenting this book to Morton Hull who was an editor at Scribner's. Scribner's, of course, was Seeger's American publisher. ~~ Courtesy of BJ Omanson

A "bastard" (unnumbered) copy of ALAN SEEGER, LE POETE DE LA LEGION ETRANGE. Ses Lettres et Poemes. in cheap paper, not Van Gelder like it says inside. This copy was in the Columbia University Library from March 22, 1920 until 2003, when it was discarded and sold off. ~~ Courtesy of Rich McErlean

The sole biography of Seeger to date, and two early titles about the American volunteers in France,
each containing a section on Seeger.

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