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Monument to the Volunteers
Who Fell for France.

Place des Etats-Unis, Paris
from Irving Werstein's Sound No Trumpet:

On July 4, 1923, a monument was unveiled in Paris at the Place des Etats-Unis. It was dedicated to the American volunteers who were killed fighting for France. The statue which crowned it, symbolic of all the American volunteers, portrayed Alan Seeger. Photographs and conversations with Alan's father had guided the sculptor in his effort to make the statue resemble the poet as much as possible.

Many dignitaries and a tremendous crowd attended the dedication ceremonies. On the sides of the monument's pedestal were engraved verses from some of Alan Seeger's poems. A wartime comrade remarked, "This would have pleased him very much ~ to know that his words will last forever."

Invitation to the Dedication of the
College Alan Seeger, Vailly-sur-Aisne.