Teamster, Headquarters Detachment

Alpheus Appenheimer, born outside Leoti, Kansas, 1893, during record blizzard in a sod dugout. ~ Enlisted in U.S. Marine Corps, Peoria, Illinois, April 27, 1917. ~ Trained Paris Island & Quantico. ~ Served with 6th Machine Gun Battalion, 4th Brigade, 2nd Division, AEF, as a teamster. ~ Served on the Verdun Front, Belleau Wood, Soissons, Marbache Sector, St. Mihiel, & Blanc Mont. ~ Promoted to Corporal, February 1918; Busted to Private, April 1918, for insolence to his Sergeant Major; Promoted to Corporal, June 1918. ~ Won Croix de Guerre & Silver Star Citation for repeatedly hauling ammunition & rations by wagon & muleteam, by night, into front line trenches under heavy shellfire at Belleau Wood, June 3-11, 1918. ~ Won 2nd Croix de Guerre & 2nd Silver Star Citation for hauling ammunition by wagon & muleteam six kilometers under heavy shellfire at Blanc Mont, 3 October 1918. ~ Wounded October 26, 1918, near Les Islettes, by shrapnel & mustard gas. Hospitalized from late October to late December at American Red Cross Hospital #38 in Doulon, France. ~ Rejoined battalion in Melsbach, Germany, January 1919. ~ Returned to United States early, due to hardship at home, March 1919. ~ Honorably discharged from Marine Corps, Quantico, June 9, 1919, with rank of Corporal.

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