The Descendents of Richard Remington,
born 1450, Yorkshire, England

Were the Seventeenth-Century Remingtons
Followers of Samuel Gorton?

The Revolutionary War Pension Records
of Anthony Remington

The Continental Marines
in the Revolutionary War

Anthony Remington & His Descendents

Wilhelm Schwangau & His Descendents

The Swango Family HomePage

Family Members in the Revolutionary War

Family Members in the War of 1812

William Witcher & His Descendents

Family Members in the Civil War

The Appenheimer Homestead
on the Western Kansas Frontier
in the Early 1890s

The War Record of Alpheus Ray Appenheimer

The U.S. Marines in the First World War

Sons of Sixth Machine Gun Battalion Veterans

~ Special Feature ~
Day by Day through
France & Germany
with A.R. Appenheimer,
Muleskinner with the
6th Machine Gun Battalion.

The Farm & Sorghum Mill of
Alpheus & America Appenheimer

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The Appenheimer Family
Discussion Forum

You are invited to join The Appenheimer Family Discussion Forum ("AppenDiscuss" for short). If you are a member of the Appenheimer clan, or have a particular interest in the family of Alpheus Appenheimer, you are welcome to join us. The process is simple, and there is no charge.

I have set up this forum for the purpose of facilitating the exchange of genealogical & historical information about the Appenheimer & related families. Several members of our family are actively engaged in researching the family history, and many others among us have a long-standing interest in it. I believe this forum will eventually prove useful in the exchange of information, anecdotes, memories & current news, and could become especially useful in enabling us to pool our informational resources and memories. Please be assured that joining this forum in no way obligates you to participate. You are free simply to listen in.

How it works: once you are subscribed (just click on the button below & follow the instructions), you can send messages simultaneously to everyone else in the group. Likewise, messages sent by any other group member to the forum will arrive in your own email inbox. When you respond to any message from someone in the forum, your response is sent automatically to all forum members.

By the way, when sending a message to the forum, please pay attention to your subject line. All messages are archived and can be accessed by clicking on the "AppenDiscuss Archive" at the bottom of this page. The archive will list messages by their subject line, so please make certain that the subject line on every message you send is an accurate indication of its content. Over time, our message archive will become a useful repository of family-related information.

I am trying to contact family members to apprise them of the existence of this site and invite them to join the discussion forum, but I have almost no one's email address. If you know of any family members with email who would be interested in this site, either notify them of this site's URL address or send me their email address and I will send them an invitation.

BJ Omanson

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Each day subscribers to AppenDiscuss will receive a message entitled "On this date..." which will list, by year, birthdays, deaths, anniversaries, military enlistments & discharges, graduations, and any other significant family events which occured on that date. Also included will be an entry for each day that Alpheus Ray Appenheimer was in service during World War One, showing where he was located on that date and (when known), what he was doing.

If you are a family member and know the dates of significant family events, please feel free to send them to me and I will include them.

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