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The Illustrated, Documented Story of the Design, Development, and Production of All the Models, Appendages, and Accessories

LtCol William S. Brophy USAR Ret.

NEW copy. (Mechanicsburg, PA: Stackpole Books, 1985). Hardcover without dust jacket, as issued. 9x11. 1500 photographs and numerous diagrams, bibliography, index, 624 pages. A monumental and definitive work on the 03 Springfield.

Table of Contents as follows: MODEL 1903 RIFLE: Pre-Model 1903 Experimental Rifles; Model 1903 Rifle; Design Changes; Operation; Care and Cleaning. VARIATIONS OF THE MODEL 1903 RIFLE: Air Service Rifle; Bannerman Rifle; Bushmaster Rifle; Carbine; Commercial Sporters; Drill and Dummy Rifles; Ersatz 03 Rifle; Fencing Equipment; Heavy Barrel Target Rifles; Major John Hession 03 Rifle; Caliber .22 Hornet Rifle; Hunter Arms Company; Lend Lease & Military Aid Rifles; Line-Throwing Rifle; Mark I Rifle; M1903A3 and M1903A4 Rifles; National Match Rifles; NRA-NBA Sporting Rifles; Numrich Arms Company; Periscope Rifles; Pressure, Velocity and Accuracy Devices; Rock Island Arsenal Model 1903 Rifle; Theodore Roosevelt Rifle; Sectionalized Rifles; R.F. Sedgley Company Rifles; Sub-caliber Devices; Winchester "Sniper" Rifle. CALIBER .22 RIFLES: Model 1903 Caliber .22 Rifle; Model 1922 Rifle; Model 1922M1 Rifle; Experimental T1 and T1E1 Rifles; M2 Rifle. EXPANDED GLOSSARY: Ammunition and Clips; Appendages; Arm Rack; Avis Barrel; Aiming Devices; Bayonets; Bolt Handle; Breech Cover; Breech Stick; Cartridge Belt; Chests and Lockers; Cleaning Rods; Director of Civilian Marksmanship; Flaming Bayonet; Grenade Launchers; Hollifield Dotter; Jacket Extractor; Mainspring Collar; McKeever Cartridge Box; Movable Front Sight; Musketry Rules; Periscope M1918; Reloading Tools; Rifle Cover; Rifle Scabbard; Ruptured Shell Extractor; Screw Driver; Score Books; Serial Numbers and Production; Silencers; Slings; Spare Parts Container; Special Purpose devices; Sight Covers; Sight Micrometers; Sights, Metallic; Sights, Telescopic; Sub-Target Machine; Tool Chests, Kits, Rolls, and Sets; Weights and Measurements. ORDNANCE AND THE MODEL 1903: Manufacture of the 03; Ordnance Inspection and Repair; Ordnance Gauges; Ordnance Overhaul; Ordnance Base Shop; Ordnance in France; Ordnance Potpourri.