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1970 --- MCRD San Diego, Japan, Okinawa --- Platoon #1102 --- William J. & Robert Crampton

Hello, I am trying to find the graduation yearbook. My father and uncle were at MCRD in San Diego. Platoon # 1102. Drill Sgt. Long, Staff Sgt. Milner or Waggner. The year was 1970 and I believe they graduated in September. Their names are William J. Crampton and Robert Crampton. Both did go to Japan, I know my father was in Okinawa I do have a photo of my father. My grandfather was in the Marines as well but got out before being shipped to Japan his name was Elmer Crampton. I have found several 1970 books from San Diego but none with the right platoon. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you for your time.

Charry Crampton

1965 --- Camp LeJuene --- 2nd Battalion, 9th Marines --- Gerald Parrish

My dad (Gerald Parrish) was in the Marine Corp. (2nd bat 9th Marines) and he boxed when he was at Camp LeJuene In fact, he fought Ken Norton in 1965 .. I was desperately trying to track down any scrap of info or photo or something that someone might have from then. I know that was some time ago, but would love to find something on this as a surprise to him. He is in process of opening a boxing gym back home and Id love to have or find something from that fight he had while in the Marines. Any help is appreciated.


Jodi Parrish

1957-60 --- Parris Island, USS Lake Champlain --- John B. Dillard

Trying to get in touch with some fellow service men my father kept in touch with the past several years. They made some trips together, South Carolina, etc. most recently Gettysburg, PA. My Dad passed away on December 25, 2010 and would like to contact some of the members and their wives of this informal group for a possible service at a Allegheny National Cemetery this summer (2011). Dads name: John B. Dillard. Parris Island. Served aboard US Lake Champlain between 1957-1960.

Any help would be appreciated. I would be willing to phone them.

Thank you


WWII --- 2d Marine Division --- Saipan, Tinian --- Michael D. Mingolelli


I am the granddaughter of a deceased Marine, Michael D. Mingolelli, from Boston, MA. His wife was known as Fifi or Ella. I was very young when he passed away and didnt have the honor of knowing him as well as I would have liked. If theere is anyone out there who served with the 2nd Reconnaissance 2nd Marine Division who was in Saipan and Tinian. I have attached a photo of him on the beaches of Saipan in June 1944 as well as a group with other marines just outside of Japan. I have other photos if interested! Thank you in advance for any information.

Thank you,
Michelle Vattula

1957 --- Parris Island --- Kenneth L. West

my name is kenneth l west. I am looking for any one from plt 305 parris island sc. in 1957 nov. I would like to hear from anyone. you can call me @[850]2255336

thank you

ken west

Col. William F. Gately, Jr. --- Parris Island

Looking for information from anyone who knew or served with Col. William F. Gately, Jr. A relative posted a request a few years ago but the email address in not functional at this time. His son is John Gately. I served with Col. Gately at Parris Island when he was H. Qtrs. Battalion Commanding Officer. He was one of the finest Marines I had the pleasure to know.

Tom Sisul
Major, USMCR rtd

seeking two China Marines --- Richard Tilghman --- Hugh A. McDevitt.

Hello, I would like to know if there is a site I can look up China Marines? I am looking for the name of Richard Tilghman and a Hugh A. McDevitt. Any help would be appreciated,


Bob Fortelny

photos of unknown WWII Marine --- please help identify

These three photographs are all that I know about my father, a WWII Marine. My mother passed away in 1997 and left m no information about my father, not even his name ("Fortelny" is my step-father's name). I have no information about his unit, or any other aspect about his service. All I know is that he served in WWII. If anyone can provide any information about these photographs, please contact me at at, or at 714-557-3769

Bob Fortelny

1957-59 --- San Diego --- Platoon 361 --- Jerome "Butch" Olson

My step-dad is looking for his buddy from back in 1957-1959. He can't remember the guy's name but if we could get a look at a list of names from his unit, he'd be able to pick it out. Here is what I know; Marines in San Diego from 57-59 in platoon 361. The guy was a Corporal. My step-dad's name is Jerome (Butch) Olson.


Mike Christianson

1942-44 --- Guadalcanal, Tulagi, Tarawa, Iwo Jima --- 2nd Marine Division --- Ted "Smoky" Dorn

My name is Mary Ann Markowicz (was Dorn) and Im trying to find any information about my Dads life in the Marines during WWII/Pacific. His name was Theodore Dorn you most probably knew him as Ted or Smoky Dorn.

Heres what I know:

2nd Marine Division/Infantry - The Forgotten Battalion. Served on Iwo, Guadalcanal, Tulagi, Tarawa...

He was from Illinois and had a dog by the name of Schooner.

Had two good friend in the Marines by the names of Jesse Johnson from Wisconsin and AP Fishbeck from Minnesota. (Picture is of Ted and Jesse)

He was also a boxer while in the Marines.

My Dad died in 1972 of acute leukemia and although we have lots of pictures of his time in the Pacific, we dont know the stories. His wife, Lisa just recently died in 2010 and I'm trying to document our family history.

Thank you for any help you can give me.

Mary Ann Markowicz (Dorn) 928.274.1307

1944 --- Saipan, Tinian --- 2nd Reconnaissance, 2nd Marine Division

Hello, I am the granddaughter of a deceased Marine, Michael D. Mingolelli, from Boston, MA. His wife was known as Fifi or Ella. I was very young when he passed away and didnt have the honor of knowing him as well as I would have liked. If there is anyone out there who served with the 2nd Reconnaissance 2nd Marine Division who was in Saipan and Tinian, please contact me. I have attached a photo of him on the beaches of Saipan in June 1944 as well as a group with other marines just outside of Japan. I have other photos if interested! Thank you in advance for any information. Michelle Vattula

Contact Michelle Vattula.

1968 --- Platoon 3080

I am looking for anyone that was in platoon 3080 from Sept 68 to Nov of 68. One of the Drill Instructors was SSGT Anderson .

Contact Ed Mahoney.

1986 --- Naval Weapons Station Earle --- Martin Reilly

I was hoping to reunite with a retired Marine named Martin Reilly. I served with Martin at the Naval Weapons station Earle back in 1986. At the time Martin was a SSgt. I believe Martin was from South Jersey.

Contact Michael Moloney.

1941 --- Samoa --- 7th Defense Battalion --- Charlie Block

Hello -- Talofa! -- from Samoa. I am looking for info, pictures and other Marines who may have served in Samoa from 1941-1944, 7th Defense Battalion Company B & C, 2d Medical Battalion. Specifically looking for Block, Charlie.

Thank you,
Beatrice Block

Contact Beatrice Block .

1960 --- San Diego --- Tyme Scape

I joined the Marines on June 12, 1960. I was in Plt. 148 series 148, B co. 1st Bn. in San Diego, Calif. Drill Sgts. were SSgt Raider(later replaced by SSgt Chapman) SSgt Tripple, SSGT Hernandez, and a Sgt. Uno. I need to find a plt graduation book as mine has just come all apart. I also would like to find the guide book we were issued then, it was last printed in 1959, big thing had to carry it inside our fatigues in the that inside pocket. If any one has either I would like to see about getting them from them, like price and condition. I am getting along in years and would like to show my grand-children the things their Paw-paw did for a living.

Thank you in advance. If there is a James F. Klein of J. D. Shoemaker out there I would like to get back in touch with them.

Contact Tyme Scape .

TRYING TO FIND BOOK FOR Platoon,, 116 , Feb. 22, 1960 to May 3 , 1960
my full name is clarence r. marsh 1898085. i go by bud.

if you have the book or know of any resource where i can obtain a copy for Platoon,, 116 , Feb. 22, 1960 to May 3 , 1960 i would very much appreciate info on how to obtain one.

i spent in years in the corps. left as a sergeant e-5 after returning from vietnam. i will happily provide any additional. my book never got delivered to my home address.

i have become active in the local 1sr mardiv association and the marine corps league. kind of a deja vu hookup with the marine corps.

i will truly appreciate any information and or help you can give.

bud marsh---semper fi

Contact bud marsh.

1957-60 --- Parris Island --- USS Lake Champlain --- John Dillard

Trying to get in touch with some fellow service men my father kept in touch with the past several years. They made some trips together, South Carolina, etc. most recently Gettysburg, PA. My Dad passed away on December 25, 2010 and would like to contact some of the members and their wives of this informal group for a possible service at a Allegheny National Cemetery this summer (2011). Dad's name: JOHN B. DILLARD. Parris Island. Served aboard USS Lake Champlain between 1957-1960.

Contact Debra.

1944 --- Peleliu --- 7th Regiment --- Jasper Eaton

This is my dad, Jasper C Eaton A/1/7 Marines Peleliu Sept 1944.

He is still alive and kicking and Id like to get him in contact with some of the Marines in this picture or other Marines from the 7th Regt.

I am planning a trip with him to go back to Peleliu this year in June 08.

Please contact me at the provided numbers or at this email address.


David S Eaton

MAJ, US Army

Iwo Jima, Korea, Vietnam, Dominican Republic --- (Mustang) Colonel William F. Gately

I am the Son of Col. William F. Gately. I am looking to correspond with Marines that served with him in his 37 years as a Marine. He was a Mustang Col, who served in WWII, Korea, Vietnam, Dominican. I would really like to know about his time on Iwo Jima as well as all later conflicts and wars. He passed when I was nine, and I didn't get to speak to him about the war years much. Any help would be much appreciated.

Semper Fi

John William Gately

1959 --- Parris Island

Trying to find yearbook platoon 324, 1959 Parris Island. Can be contacted at

1943-87 --- Point Mugu, CA --- MCAS Mojave, CA

I am in search of Marine Corps History at Point Mugu, CA and MCAS Mojave, CA from 1943 to 1987.

Semper Fi

Colonel Kevin Gross
Commanding Officer
Marine Aviation Detachment, China Lake
Work 760-939-6603
Cell 760-382-9088

1958 --- Parris Island --- Ken Smith

In May of 1958 I was sent to P.I we spent two weeks forming and them moved to the Q' Huts am looking for anyone who can tell me the platoon number. I remember one of the Jr.DI's was named Bailey.

Thanks for any information Ken Smith

Contact me at KDS1941@AOL.COM

2005 --- MCRD San Diego --- India Co. Plt. 3133

I am trying to locate a Platoon Yearbook from MCRD San Diego 2005, India Co., Plt. 3133. My son is a Marine and I missed my chance at getting a yearbook. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your help and your deep dedication on keeping our country free.

Mike Petrosky
5900 Pinckney Rd.
Howell, Michigan 48843

1964-66 --- Chu Lai --- VMFA-513 --- Richard "Dick" Smith

Hello All, I am looking for any info, pictures, and other Marines that may or may not have been at Chu Lai from around the fall of 64' to the spring of 66'... My dad served there during that time frame, his name is Richard "Dick" Smith from Buffalo, New York. He was part of the VMFA-513 as a jet mechanic by day and then fought off the V.C. at night to protect the runway and the jets.. Any info would be greatly appreciated..

Chris Smith

Thank You For All You Have Done..

I am trying to locate a Plt 170 graduation book for replacement. My D.I.'s were; Sgt M.D. Arnold ( Senior Drill Instructor ) Sgt Rae & Sgt Stamper. I can be reached ia e-mail:


Helping a friend to locate someone he met and became friends with while in BootCamp at MCRD San Diego in 1978. The two were in Platoon 1077, graduating Boot Camp on December 1, 1978. The name of the person I seek is Tony Valenzuela, listed in their Graduation Book as "A. Valenzuela".

Any help in locating Tony is most appreciated!!!!!

Please sends replies to this post to my email at:

click to enlarge

I am looking for any information or names of the folks in this picture (click on photo to enlarge). My grandfather (John Howard Calhoun) is pictured on the second row, far left. Born in Dalton, GA and was drafted into service. Went to Ft. McPherson. Discharge papers says he was in the 776th Amph. Tnk. Bn. at Okinawa. Operated heavy equipment ( dozers from what I understand). Made it back to the states, passed away in 1985. Best friend was a Cleve Heath. All service record lost in the fire in 73.

Please respond to

Many thanks in advance!

Lima Company, Third Battalion, Fifth Marines 1959 - 1961, L/Cpl Shane Fox, seeks contacts. Particularly Weapons Platoon. Sergeant Robert L. Jones, Gunnery Sergeant T. B. Cone, and Lieutenant Walter Britton and all others in the platoon or company during those years.

Thank you for your assistance.



My name is Gary Morgan (Cpl. USMC). I'm trying to track down my yearbook from Parris Island, 1968, 3rd platoon. I can't remember my platoon number. I graduated October 1968. I appreciate any help you can give.

Gary Morgan

I was in the Marines, and Graduated boot camp at Camp LeJeune, Paris Island, in April of 1977 I believe. I had my dress uniform photo but, my step-mother, a few years later, burnt my uniform, photos, and any records or memorabilia I had kept. She, for some reason at that time, thought I was the devil. It sounds very strange, but it is true. She had a lot of mental problems I guess. I was wondering if there is any way of retrieving a photo of myself from that period. If there are any year books or even just a photo of myself, it would be greatly appreciated. To my best recollection, I was in the 2nd Battalion, Platoon #305. My name is, (PVT) Ronald R. Beal, Jr.

I was in Motor T and stationed at Camp LeJeune, after graduation. I don't have a great memory, so the information I remember is very limited. Any help you could offer would be greatly appreciated. I would absolutely love to show the photo finally to my step-sons. I've talked about it to them always and will always be proud and honnored of the time I served The oldest has recently joined the Army, Oct. 2006, and just recently graduated the boot camp at Fort Benning, GA. He is now off to be a Ranger and eventually become a Green Beret .I understand it will be a difficult task trying to search this out, but I have all the time in the world hoping for this very dear photo. Any questions you may have regarding this matter can be sent to this email address,, which is my room mates, or you can also reach me at home.

My phone number is:
(207)938-2121 (home)

Hello! My name is Kelly Croasmun and I am looking to exchange letters with anyone who knew my grandfather, Frank L. Stoner. He was in the movie "Retreat Hell" as an extra. I would like to more about him and his service too. I lived with my grandparents until 1983 and then went to live with my mother. I was rather young and didn't get to ask him many questions about his life. I wish I would have. If anyone can help me learn more about him through memories and correspondence I would surely appreciate it! Thank you so much!

Kelly Croasmun

Hello, I just found the old timer bulletine board and got this e-mail. Hopeing that you could help me out. I went to parris island in may/66. Got in some trouble and lost 30 days. Then went on to graduate ,I think august/66.I think I was in the 2nd battilion.Please send responce to

S/F Roy Didgeon



I am looking for my Parris Island Graduation book. Mine was lost in a house fire. I was in Platoon 193, 1st. Recruit Bn. I graduated 11/19/1958, I believe. Will pay a very fair price.

Please e-mail me at

or write to me at:

Richard McMasters
P.O. Box 40248
Bakersfield, CA 93384.

I am trying to locate a MCRD San Diego Yearbook for Platoon 212 in 1964. If anyone has a lead on this yearbook, please contact me at

Thank you...

Gary Dent



I'm looking for a platoon picture from boot camp I would really like to find someone that has a copy of the picture 1994 December 30 2nd recruit regiment golf company san Diego California

I was in Marine boot camp from 23 june 75 to Sept 75. I am looking for a place to purchase a yearbook of my platoon 2069. Does anyone know where I can purchase a copy?
Contact Bestson

Thank You.

I'm looking for information on my cousin ALBERT GENESKY. He joined the USMC in 1948 from PA.he was born in wilkes barre PA 1930. I recently recieved his DD214's from NARA. He was assigned to the ship USS BOXER 1963 as a supply admin chief (SSGT) Albert retired in 1972 as a MSGT, he passed away in 1998 and in buried in Cornith natrional cemetery in MS. his last duty station was HQ MCSC Albany GA.

I just wanted to learn a little more about him for my family history, these are the only two pictures I have of Albert. I would appreciate any information about him from anybody who might had known or served with him.


I'm looking for a Grad Book from Parris Island Year 1988 July Plt 1048 1st Batt DRILL INSTRUCTOR'S were


I will Pay a fair price for it.

Please contact me at
Claude D. Warneke

I am looking for a Marine Corp Yearbook. MCRD San Diego, Platoon 1022, 1st Battalion, 1978. If anyone has a copy to sell or willing to make copies of their book I will generously compensate you.

Please contact:
Michelle at

I'm looking to purchase a graduation yearbook for MCRD San Diego, April 1980, for 2nd Battalion, Platoon 2124.
Please contact at

Semper Fi!

Trying to find information on willie lewis who died on Guadacannel, Solomon Islands, during world war 11.

Leah english

I am seeking information about my Uncle James Perry Maxwell Jr. He was with the 4th Marines in Shanghai China, 2nd Batt. Co. F and a POW of Japan. He died on the Shinyo Maru on 7 Sept 1944. Please see attached picture.

Any information would be appreciated.

I can be reached at
or 214-454-3808

Thank you
Semper Fi
Christine Hamilton

I'm looking for my old CO -- Fred M. Bobbit (now a Lt. Col., USMC/Retired), but then a Captain of Mike Co. 3/9. 3rd Mar Div - FMF (PAC). Would love to chat with him about Mt Fuji and his decision to wothhold the company's cold weather gear during a cold weather exercise.


Doc McTernan ~~~~~~~~~~~~`` Even though Daddy was 16 or 17 yrs. old when he joined he told me stories relating to The Slot. He also mentioned his friends, Maj. Stan Bailey and Capt. Thomas R. Merritt. He was 4th Air Wing, VMR(Guam) - transport, VMF 214 and Air Marine Scout Bomber, as well as VMSB-151. He was Staff Sgt. P. F. Click. Does anyone remember my father? He passed Jan. 3, 2002. He was w/Va. State Police for 31 years, first as a Trooper then Asst. Special Agent in Charge of the Criminal Division. He was not an officer, it seems that that is all that is listed in a book I have titled The SBD Dauntless Dive Bomber.
Any info?

Was looking to find C.J. Julian. Junior Drill Instructor of our Platoon 284, Parris Island. Fall of 1963

Thanks for any input.

Bob Winski

My father, Alfred "Kelly" Petrarca, was in the 4ht marine division in World War II at Iwo Jima, Saipan, and the marianas. I was just wondering if there was an Iwo survivor who remembers him from those days. He was from Rhode Island.

Serial Number 144358.........served in France 7/9/1918 to 1/4/1919..............Enlisted 4/29/18, St. Paul, Mn.......action against enemy St.Mihiel Section.....9/12-16, 1918 and Champagne Section....Oct 3-7, 1918.........

Trying to find out any further info - for a friend - Harold Laidlaw was her father..........we believe he received the Purple Heart............she does not have it and wonders if the records indicate this and would the Government issue a Purple Heart at this late date? TIA........

Andy Muenich
Eau Claire, Wisconsin, U.S. Marine Corps 1958-62
Semper Fi!

I am searching for information on the rosters of Marine Corp Baseball teams within the State of California in 1967 thru 1971. There really isn't one player I am interested in finding. My mother happened to enjoy going to the games as a young lady and had the typical crushes of several players. Any information out there would be helpful. I am ultimately wanting to let some of these men know that my mom really enjoyed the games more than the guys playing and wants to thank them.

Thank you.

Contact me at:

I am trying to find anyone that was with or knows about B Company 5th Engineers from Camp Lejeune from 1944. They left Lejeune and went onto Camp Pendleton shipping out to Iwo Jima in 45 and were attached to the 27th. I am trying to research these men and only have a list of the KIA. Trying to get a complete list of names and even a platoon picture. Any help is appreciated.


I lost my plt photo and yearbook. I went through basic at MCRD. PLt 213,1962. Would like to communicate. Drill instructors were Sgt. Molich, Sgt Greenslade and S/Sgt Kennedy. Where can I get a photo and or yearbook? ANY info would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks so much
Semper Fi
Ron Rose

Looking for anyone from PLT 213, MCRD, 1962. DI's were Sgt Molich,Sgt Greenslade and S/Sgt Kennedy.

Semper Fi
Ron Rose


Dear Sir,It's been many Year's since I was in the Marine Corps,I'm Looking for my Grad Book, That I Lost many Year's ago I'm 70 year's old now and would Love to be able to show my Grandchildren. is There is any one out there that can help me to get another Book. I will pay a good Price for it.

You can email me at

Thank You
Walter Fritz

Pt. 248 MCRD San Deigo, summer of 1959, anyone out there send me an e-mail.

Chuck Johnson

I am trying to find my birth father. I do not believe he even knows about me. He was a Marine stationed at Paris Island around 1963. His name was "Red" Ayers. He was supposed to be around 5'6 with red hair. If anyone knows anything I would sure appreciate it. Thank you.

James Powell



I'm Charles "Ed" Dranguet and I'm looking for marines who served in Hdq. on Main Base at Camp Pendleton the years 1958-1959. Also Plt. 116 at MCRD in S.D., graduating 50 years this next March.


Trying to find yearbook platoon 324, 1959 Parris Island.

Can be contacted at

Edward Wagner

My name is Anthony Akers (Sgt USMC). I am trying to track down a Boot camp Picture of PLT 347, graduated Aug 13 1964 (Parris Island, D.I's SSgt Barker and SSgt Gregory), I would like to get this photo, because my DAD (Delmer Akers/GySgt USMC) never received a photo and I thought that would make a great Christmas gift.

My email is: or

I'm trying to find some information on Platoon 333 MCRD San Diego from about April/June 1960.

I am trying to find out the names of the drill instructors for that platoon. It deals with a request by a Marine that was in my command many years ago.

Any information can be emailed to me at:

Any help would be appreciated.

Chuck Edmonds, Major, USMC, Retired

I am looking for Marine Corps Recruit Depot

Second Battalion Platoon 210
February 1959

Does anyone know how to obtain this book? Mine was destroyed and I would love to have another or hear from someone from this platoon

Bill Oakes

Trying to find out if Sgt. John Vincent Girardi, H&S Co, 27 Marines, 5th Div, ID#491840, made it off Iwo Jima. Thanks for your help.

I'm looking for a Grad Book from Parris Island Year 1956 Plt 301 4th Batt Grad Date Dec 4th 1956 Plt Sgt's were


I will Pay a fair price for it.

Please contact me at

Walter Fritz

Members of Plt 234 1st Training Bat.P.I July-Oct.1953.



Marine buddies from 1962 to 1968 m co. 3rd bn 8th marines 2nd marine div.

Padgett, Rinehart,Ryall,Browning,Perase,Bray,Crueso,Smith.

Cpl.James W. Sams

My name is Charles (Chuck) Thomas. I was in Platoon 2022, MCRD, San Diego. I was in boot camp from November 1965 until January 1966. Im trying to locate a yearbook for that time frame because mine mysteriously disappeared (ex-wife). If anyone has one that I can buy Id really appreciate it.


Chuck Thomas

I'm looking for anyone who was in Platoon 272, MCRD San Diego, August - October 1964. I have a platoon photo but no names. Also looking for a platoon book which I had once but it was damaged by a floor and ruined. I'd like to get a replacement from someone who might have an extra copy or would want theirs to go to a good home. With the book I can put names to the individuals.

I'd also like to find out what happened to all those in that platoon. I would run the names against those on 'The Wall' and check other USMC web sites, but I need the platoon book to do that.

I've attached the platoon photo....can anyone recognize the DI's? I'd like to know their names and what became of them.

Larry E. Caldwell
Former SSgt, USMC


I am trying to find information on Company "C", 3rd Amphibian Tractor Battalion, 3 rd Marine Division. My father, Edward S Sheffield, Barwick, GA, was in this outfit. Was recruited about Spring of 1943 and sent to Camp Elliott in San Diego CA. I know he was at Iwo Jima and one of the battles at Guadacanal. He drove one of the amphibian tractors. he was also the "postman" and was responsible for the mail. He lived through the war and died in 1991. I have his letters to my mother during WWII and the return address was the above so I am assuming that was his outfit. I am having trouble finding information on that one. I am trying to do a piece for my genealogy book. I don't know what ship he was on either. Just the information above. I would appreciate anything that will help me obtain some historical accounts of this outfit.

I am seeking my Parris Island drill instructor Sgt. Murdock. He was in 2nd Battalion from 1956 (?) to December 1958 (Platoon 2011). I can't find his first name or first initial. Anyone having a platoon book for 2nd Battalion 1956, 1957, or 1958 with a Sgt. Murdock (not positive of spelling) please email. I can't look in my platoon book because he did not finish with the platoon. I've been looking for years.


Bob Shirley

All Marines (ALMAR),

While searching for Marines I went to boot camp with on (Old Corps Bulletin Board), I read several requests for platoon photos and/or yearbooks. I have some information on that topic which I would like to pass along to other Marines. What I found is quoted below in red.

MCRD San Diego (taken from MCRD San Diego's web site - Q: Where can I get a copy of my recruit training series book or individual/platoon graduation photo? A: Recruit series book, platoon and individual photos are available at the Yearbook Office. Yearbooks and photos are kept for two years. They can be reached at (619) 296-3840. Yearbooks and photos older than two years can be purchased at the Museum Historical Society. The Museum Historical Society has an archive of old recruit platoon graduation photos dating back to the 1930s and also offers some recruit yearbooks for sale. Yearbooks from the 1980's and 1990's are available in limited quantities. Platoon graduation photos and yearbooks may be purchased through the Society at (619) 524-4426.

MCRD Parris Island (taken from MCRD Parris Island's web site - Call (843) 228-1555 to order platoon photos dating back to 1939. Call 1-800-889-6734 to order graduation videos dating back to Nov. 5, 1999, and DVDs dating back to May 23, 2003.

I have no way of knowing whether the requests for help have been answered or if those in need of assistance have already found the picture/yearbook they were looking for. I don't know when the requests were first posted on the site. I just thought I would help out my fellow Marines. I hope this information helps. Please feel free to let me know (by email) if you had success in your search. Good luck to all of you in your search.

Semper Fi,
William S. Denton

Plt. 1018, MCRD San Diego
Graduation Date: 91-MAY-24

Served with Maximo Fresquez 1980 - 1985 MOS cook, 1/1 H&S 1st Mar Div Rank Sgt, went to drill field in San Diego 1985 - ?? Home state Texas Semper Fi,

Fred M Roa
0311/3051 1/1 Bravo Co & H&S Bn supply

As I read thru some of the requests for Marine "gear" , year-book`s guidebooks ect. I wonder if you would consider mentioning to your readers about E-bay. I had never purchased anything there up until a week ago. I had looked for a Marine Corps guidebook from 1961 and found one almost immediately in excellent condition. Just some "food for thought"

Semper Fi

USMC 1961-1967

I am looking for a copy of the Marine Corp yearbook ca. March or April, 1956 from Camp Pendleton. I am trying to put together a memory book for my husband who entered on December 29, 1955, so I figure he would have graduated from boot camp around that time; his name is David W. Walker. Any suggestions as to where I might get this yearbook would be very much appreciated. Thank you.

Carolyn Walker

I am trying to help a good pal of mine learn more about his wife's Uncle's Marine Corps service. He was a Marine Private around 1910. Attached is a photo of him in his Dress Blues. His name was Ray Currie and was from Oswego, NY. Any info anyone has on this Marine or where to go for additional research is greatly appreciated.

Peter Meyer

I am looking for a copy of the Marine Corp yearbook ca. March or April, 1956 from Camp Pendleton. I am trying to put together a memory book for my husband who entered on December 29, 1955, so I figure he would have graduated from boot camp around that time; his name is David W. Walker. Any suggestions as to where I might get this yearbook would be very much appreciated. Thank you.


I am seeking information about my Dad who recently passed away. His name was Bill Decker and he was from Plasterco, Va. My dad served in the marines and was wounded at Okinawa, possible green 2 beach? He was in the Sixth Marine Division around 1944 and was in a shore landing party?

I would love to hear anything I could about his time in the military! He was a very private person and wouldn't talk about the war and I miss him so much!

Jann Decker Craig
(276) 608-7415

Hello I am looking for a Mcrd Yearbook For 1975 I Graduated June 18, 1975 I was in platoon 2033 company C at Camp Pendleton Sandiego once lived in Amarillo,TX

Thank you

John Gallagher

I would like to find a platoon photo. Platoon 259. Year 1958. Lost mine in hurricane Andrew.


Looking for Allen E. Ferguson ar anyone that was in C Company 2nd Tank Bn. at Camp Lejune N.C.

Sgt Robert O. Miller

I am attempting to get the name of any navy unit still active in the cua viet river boat unit or support unit in Jan 1972.

Respond to

Thank you
John W. Morgan


Looking for photos of Plt 313, Parris Island sc, 1954.

Wintford D. Virgin
GySgt USMC (Ret)


Dates for the Basic Class 1-62 Reunion are 26-29 Oct. roo6. Location Crossroads Inn, Quantico, Va.

G.W. Ayers

My name is Mike Martin. I was in Plt. 276, MCRD San Diego. I started boot camp on October 8, 1959. I have lost my yearbook. If anyone has one they would like to sell or make copies of,

please e-mail at

Trying to locate a copy of MCRD Parris Island Bootcamp Yearbook the graduating class on Aug 12, 1969

It should contain Plt 272
2nd RtBn RTR

Thank you

Hi, I'm looking for someone who has a platoon book from July-October 1957, Platoon 205. Mine has been lost and I would like to have a copy.

J.F. Guy

I have a recruit graduation book for MCRD, Third Battalion , Platoons 350-351-352. I believe the series graduated in 1957 or 1958. The recruits are wearing herringbone utilities with metal buttons and are carrying M-1's. Identify yourself as being in the series and I will send you the book for free. I will pay mailing costs.

Semper Fi

I checked this site because it said you (or someone) were looking for anyone who worked at the Sangley Point brig in '50-'60 with... . - there was Lt. Phillips (deceased), brig officer, Sgt. Bucher, brig warden, , Kelly, Greene, Ferraro, Verzilli, Alston, Hill, Norton, Gorman, Sibcy, Bobbitt, Crusell, Linderman, Casey, Griffith, Taylor, Richardson and another one or two whose name escapes me for the moment - and didn't find anything except this e-mail on the site. I worked in the brig there from June or July of '59 until the fallor winter of '60 and would like to hear from some of those people, too.

Ray Elliott
Tales Press
2609 North High Cross Road
Urbana, IL 61802

217 384-5820
217 384-7996 (fax)

I have a friend named Hank Greenberg. He is 84 years of age and is a former Marine. Hank was with the 4th Mar Div on Iwo Jima, Saipan and Tinian. Hank was at my home in Henderson, NV and spoke of his time in the Corps. He regrets not having a picture of his platoon at Parris Island. He knows that he was on PI in July 1942 but does not remember his platoon number. I am attempting to locate anyone who might remember Hank. Below is his name, DOB, and service number. I would ask that if you are able to locate any old acquaintances or someone with a picture of the platoon that you refer them to me. Hank does not have e-mail and lives in Maryland.

My e-mail is

I serve as Deputy Chief of Police for the City of Henderson. My number is 702-267-4502. Hank is a great guy with a sharp mind and would appreciate the help. Thanks in advance.

Marvin Frederick Greenberg
DOB 09/09/22
Service Number 424646
Parris Island July 1942

Trying to find my old friend, Lt Commander William Boykin, Commander of the George Washington Submarine, Groton CT, 1984-86. In 86 he moved to Florida and if anyone knows how to contact him

please email

Hi Can anyone help? I am looking for information on Pvt. Cecil E G. Henry, 6th Marines KIA Oct 3, 1918. All help is greatly appreciated. Also seek information on his unit's action that day. Thanks much!

Chris Carroll
FMR Marine
BA History NCWC

looking for platoon 148 year book , graduated 4/28/67.......

Carl Naple

Looking for a Graduation yearbook for Platoon 3078, November 16 1990. Can anyone tell me how I can go about locating one?

Still looking for CPL Frederick C. Derby. In DEC of 1943, he was stationed at Parris Island and was in Motor Transportation Company. He drove the shuttle bus between the rifle range and mainside. Seeking any information on him.

Dwight KooMag@AOL.COM

I would like to find some old friends of my dad's.My dads name is Bill Harris he was in the Corps in 1961-1965. His platoon was 301and he work withVMT-2. which they dismember it in May of 1962 and sent it to Yuma, AZ.

I have some picture of a few BuddieS, Like Dennis Botts, John Lake, Dominic Sweeney, I have found Dominic S. and Dominic Pondnt. I can be reached at

Thank you

Would like to hear from anyone from Plt 327 1960 or from the MCRD Football team 1963-1964

Msgt Robert D. Cain,

I would like to find anyone who served with my dad, Albert Bowie, in WWII. He entered the Marines, Dec 16, 1939 enlisting at Jackson, MS/New Orleans, LA. He went to Iceland with the 5th Defense Battalion from Camp Pendleton, CA. He was in Pago Pago, Samoa; Funafuti; the Central Pacific. I believe he was a part of Task Force 57 under Rear Adm. J. H. Hoover during Tarawa. He never spoke of his experiences in the Pacific, but did say he was in anti aircraft. He spoke more of Iceland. His separation paper notes he was a scout sniper (761), scout observer (636), rifle nco (737) & mg nco (600) He was a member of the VFW in Sweetwater, TX in the late '50's & early '60's.

I can be reached at

Served honorably in the Corps from 1959 to 1963 out of Boston. I have the following resources for those who may be interested:

(1) Platoon 174, MCRD Parris Island, S.C., October, 1959-January, 1960 (have the book).

(2) VMF(aw)531/F4D Skyrays, Cherry Point, N.C.; Atsugi, Japan; Naha,Okinawa, Cubi Point,P.I.; Lt. Col."Rip" Collins - C.O., 1960-1962 (have the book).

(3) Some additional photos taken on liberty in Japan, 1961-1962.

David G. Hines,

I am trying to find a yearbook for my father( Thomas E. Dunn ) . He was in platoon 3038 mcrd San Diego, 1967. If anyone has one they would be willing to sell or make copies of, please contact me. I will pay all cost . I would be very much appreciated if anyone could offer some help from one devildog to another

Thanks, Cpl Dunn

I am looking for Allen e. Ferguson from Youngstown Ohio Was in 2nd Tank Bn. 1956 to 1959 C. Co.

Robert O Miller

I am looking for any information about the following:

1st. Amphibian Tractor Battalion - 3rd Marine Division FMF

My father, JOE C. GARZA from TEXAS was a member of this group and I would like to find any information for him. Included at some pictures that he has from hi time in the Marines.

Please contact me at the e-mail below.

Sylvia Garza
Cell Phone: 210.527.7610

My name is Al Weiss President of Marine Helicopter Squadron 361 Vets assoc. I would like to post a message on your board. We are looking for help getting a Retired Marine who is experienced in Marketing and Public Relations that can help doing fund raising and put together a marketing. We will offer a percentage of funds raised. We have restored a Vietnam era Marine UH-34D helicopter that will travel as a flying Memorial.

Please contact Al Weiss

Our organization is a 501c3 not for profit. We need funding real soon to keep this going.

Please pass this around

Looking for MCRD San Diego Platoon Yearbook and or Platoon Photo. Graduated April 10, 1984, Platoon 1009 Bravo Company. Thank you.

Robert S. Mathews
Curb Appeal Renovations, Inc.

Office: 817-753-6668
Fax: 817-753-6662

My brother PAUL H. 'LUKE' SMITH JR. graduated from P.I. November 1963 (I think plt.116?), was with 2/6 on Med cruise, In country 1965-66 (Da Nang, Marble and Monkey Mt., Hue, Chu Lai, Penshaw Beach, detached to MAG (air wing) H&MS 16 VMO 2 & 6. Familar names to Luke:George Withoff, Sam Potvin, George Dennison <-Pa. Steve Vrotzeski (spelling unsure of) from Wisconsin, CWO Frank Herbert. DRILL INST at P.I.: Casteel (senior D.I.) Cpl. Hein, Wilson. Key: my brother, P.H. SMITH and his buddy known as D.H. SMITH, served together. Brother #2, BILL W. SMITH, served with USN, ship and shore patrol. Bill had "noticeably" silver blonde hair. Any info is appreciated.

Joy Smith-Walsh

I am trying to locate a marine who I believe served in the USMC - Marine Barracks Guam sometime 1970 & 1971, not sure exactly since what year but I know it was not later than 1971. I only remember him as John Miller or "Johnny Miller", he used to take very good care of us, he was to me a very kind man. My mother who is a native of Guam dated him . I am trying to locate him cause he left when she was pregnant with my sister who was born May 6, 1971. I want to give my sister the gift of finding him or try to contact him in some way. Any information will be greatly appreciated.

June Hennie

I enlisted in the USMC Nov, 1958 released from active duty Dec. 1962. My first 2 years I was a machine gunner in the 2nd Marine Div, Camp Lejeune. I was then transferred to ServCo, H&SBn, MCB where I met a good buddy named LCpl John McClellan from Florida. I have been trying to find him for the last 30 odd years. I have been on different Marine Corps web sites with no luck. Where are you John?

Cpl Hector Frau

I've been trying to locate a very good friend of mine that I've lost touch since 78, Sgt Jesse Clark stationed at Kaneohe bay Hi between 77 - 78 then transfer to Okinawa Japan, that was when we lost communication. He is from Dallas Ft Worth Tx...If you know of Jesse .. Please response through email....

Thank you very much for your time


Do you remember the Post Office at Cherry Point, NC? I worked there in 1953, one name I remember is Sgt. Hopkins. I am really looking for a name. I can't remember. If I could just see a list of the men that were there in 1953 I may see the name that has left my memory over the years. Anyway the person lived between Old Fort, NC and Asheville, NC. I went to his house once and remember that it was nice there. I was being transferred to Okinawa and he made sure I got on the right bus to catch the USS Breckenridge for Okinawa. This is a long shot, but worth a try. My name is Robert C. Parish, was a Corporal at the time.

Hope you can help.

R.C. Parish

William D. Grimstead I have your Yearbook. I bought it from a Mom&Pop.

I am trying to locate a RAREN RUMELL that was with my uncle ,1st Lieutenant Quentin"MONK" Meyer on Okinawa May 11,1945..Raren witnessed my uncle getting KIA.He was Monk's radioman .If anyone out there knows anything I would greatly appreciate it.Holly Beyer proud daughter and neice of 2 Peleliu Veteran's now gone.

Holly Beyer

Looking for any info about Private Andrew John Ostlund of Company G, 177th Battalion, 345th Infantry Regt. 89th Div,who was from Minnesota, and before that, Sweden. He died on November 11, 1918, in the Meuse-Argonne Offensive. He is buried at Romage, France. He was my great uncle. I am very interested in tracing G Companys movements during that Offensive. Can anyone help me?


Private, U.S. Army
354th Infantry Regiment, 89th Infantry Division
Entered the Service from: Minnesota
Died: November 11, 1918
Buried at: Plot A Row 23 Grave 32
Meuse-Argonne American Cemetery

I am looking for information and pictures of my father Charles H. Dresselhaus, he was in WW II. He served from 1942 to 1945. He was in the 3rd Marine Division - Amphibian Tractor. I believe he may have served under Lt. T. Weniger. If anyone served with my father, I'd like to hear about when he was injured in Bougainville Guam. He was also in Empress Augusta Bay Guam, and Auckland, New Zealand. I'd love to receive any stories from men who served with Charles or see pictures of the 3rd Marine Division.

Thank you very much.

I can be reached at or 916-376-1785.

We are planning to have a reunion of the 38th OCC (commissioned Dec 17, 1965) and the TBS Class 3-66 (completed in May 1966) at Quantico and Washington, DC in the Fall of 2007. You can see more info at our web site Or contact the Association president

Dave Wall at

Hi, my name is Debi, my cousin was killed in Vietnam in Feb.2,68. His name was Lance Corp. Hurley Alvin Smith, if you know of anyone, or anything of his last days please help be put him to rest. This has bother me since I was 11 yrs old. I am now 48 and would love some imput.He wa from Dothan, Al.

Thanks, Debi Wachob

3rd Mar Div, 1st Amtrac BN, Co B, 4th Plt. Searching for anyone who served in Vietnam '65-'68 with Amtracs. Quang Tri, Con Thien, Cua Viet River. Looking for more vets for annual reunion. Buddies still missing: Ames, Barnett, Biggs, Bond, Carroll, Dennie, Greene, Grutzmacher, Hair, Harris, Kaminski, McAtee, Perry (Sherman), Pickett, Young (Bob) and Sgt A.R. (Richard) Torres.

Note: Buddies already found: Betta, Delaney, Felsoci, Gunn, King, Livingston, McDermott, McShan, Moore, Walker and David Young.

Semper Fi

contact: Lonnny M. Livingston,
or call 817-909-5519.

I was in Platoon 348 at MCRD and arrived MCRD June 1954. I have lost my year book and would like to know is it possible to replace it. ?

Tony Sexton

Hi! I'd just like to ask if anyone out there knows Jack Parr or has any information or contact with him? please send me a mail.. I was just looking for my dad, i have'nt seen him since i was a baby. I would be very happy to hear anything about my dad.. Thanks a lot! by the way, I'm Jeffrey 20 yrs old. my email add is

Do not care about my lousy english. I am from Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg - Europe. In 1980-1981 i was serving at the american embassy in Luxembourg as a local security guard. I was working closely with the USMC embassy detachment and became good friend with the members of the detachement, especially with Gunnery sgt Tom Nelson and his wife Nancy. Unfortunately the contact was broken. I really would like to hear about them. After 20 years, myself i went back to the Lu Army for a mission of 18 months. During this period i served 1 year in Kosovo as a Cimic officer. The last 6 months of my temporary contract i was attached to Lu Army HQ. After the first period of 6 months in duty as a first lieutenant i got promoted to the rank of captain.

It would be so nice to hear again about my old USMC friends.

Best regards,

PVT. Frederick Laurence Blevins USMC,
Enlished in May 8th 1918, Paris Island S.C.
15th Co. 6th Prov Batt
German War (WW1)
Honorably Dischared
Feb. 28 1919 Broolyn, Navy Yard

Passed on at National Military Home, Leavenworth, Kansas
Feb. 6th, 1928
Forest Hill Cemetary, Kansas City, MIssouri

Infor: at N.A.R.A at Kansas City, MO about his stay at the National Military Home,
Infor. Death Cert.-K.S.

I am a SGT stationed at Camp Lejeune and we have a SSGT asking who is the first mascot of the Marine Corps, and when told it was a bull dog he said no. If any one knows who the very first Mascot of the Marines was please respond (with evidence preferably).

DSN 751-2971

Trying to locate anyone who served with my dad, Vernon E. Schmidt of Brownton, Minnesota. Dad was stationed with the Third Marine Division (I believe with a Raider Division) as a machine gunner at such places as Guam, Guadalcanal, Bougainville, etc. He enlisted just prior to WWII, and told me Orville Freeman (later to become governor of Minnesota and U.S. Secretary of Agriculture) was his Lieutenant. If anyone is interested I have a photo of him and his squad (I believe it was taken on Guadalcanal) I remember him telling me that only he and one other guy in that photo survived the war. Dad also had a great Marine friend from St. Paul - can't remember his name, (maybe Paul Johnson) who also was a machine gunner in the Third Marine Division.

My dad died in 1991. While in the service he was called "Kraut" and after WWII, everyone referred to him at "Pit." He was married to Helen Schmidt and had four children, myself, Patrick, Mike, Pam, and Kathy. I am currently publisher of the Redwood Falls Gazette newspaper in Redwood Falls, Minnesota and can be reached at (507) 637-2929 Home (320) 269-2287 or by email at:

Thank you,
Pat Schmidt

I am looking for information and pictures of my father Charles H. Dresselhaus, he was in WW II. He served from 1942 to 1945. He was in the 3rd Marine Division - Amphibian Tractor. I believe he may have served under Lt. T. Weniger. If anyone served with my father, I'd like to hear about when he was injured at Bougainville. He was also in Empress Augusta Bay, Guam, and Auckland, New Zealand. I'd love to receive any stories from men who served with Charles or see pictures of the 3rd Marine Division. Thank you very much.

I can be reached at or 916-376-1785.

Want to locate Marines from platoons, 232, 233, 234, 235, I Company, 2nd Battalion, Parris Island SC, June -Sept 1963.

See web site for Platoon 233:

Semper FI

I am looking for buddies who served with me in Beirut, Lebanon in 1958. We were in Charley Co. 2nd TK. BN

Bob Anderson

Looking for Alen E. Ferguson and members of 2nd Plt. C. Co 2nd Tk. Bn. 1956 to 1959

Robert O. Miller

I am looking for information on my dad, a former Marine of the First Division of the Second World War. He was awarded the Silver Star, Gold Star, Oak Leaf Cluster and the Purple Heart. Here's the pertinent information:

Henry R. Hawk - USMC( R) Born 1925 in PA and died in 1984.

Left Pittsburgh, PA in September 1943 for Parris Island, S.C. wounded in action September 27, 1944, at Peleliu Island, Palau Islands. wounded in action May 21, 1945, at Okinawa Island, Ryukyu Islands

I am trying to find all information I can obtain. I am preparing a book on my dad for my oldest brother for his 50th birthday. Any information or sources you can provide would be much appreciated. Thank-You.

Ruth Hawk

I am trying to find a yearbook for my father (Charles A. Brown). He was in Platoon 1022 MCRD San Diego 1958. If anyone has one that I could buy please e-mail me. Also, if anyone has one that they would be willing to copy, that would be great too. I will pay all costs.


I am just getting started to write an essay on my father's service as a Marine aviator in WWII. His name was John C Morgenroth, (deceased July 5, 2000) from Pt. Angeles, Washington. I will be attempting to retrieve copies of his service records from the government, as well as search for anything I can find on his movements ( mostly in rear guard situations) I know he was assigned to Marine Air Group (MAG) 13, VMSB 151 during 1942 - 1944. I also understand he was re-assigned to a fighter group on Guam in 1945, after recovering from injuries sustained in a jeep crash in the Pacific ( either on Funafuti or Wallis Is.)

Please contact

Am looking for information on William J. Kirkpatrick, purportedly a career marine and Gunnery Sergeant who served in France in 1917-18 in the Aisne Sector according to the bars on his WW I Service Medal. He was awarded both the Silver Star and Croix de Guerre with one star for valor. Citations not available. Gassed and then discharged after the war with a disability. Lived in Washington, DC and employed as a cab driver between stints in military hospitals where he married a nurse, my aunt. There were no issue and nothing known about the Kirkpatrick family. Died in the late twenties and buried in Arlington National Cemetery.

Am interested in obtaining information on his regiment, brigade, etc., citations, and other pertinent information to clear up his identity and and establish his participation in Marine Corp activities, if possible.

Capt. Lewis E. Davis, Jr., USN (Ret)

I'm looking for my father & all I have is this picture & I was told that Vilice (not sure of the spelling) is his first name, not too sure of that either. My mothers name is Dorothy (maiden name Tambling) Patterson. I was born on June 11 1977 in Mt Clemens, Michigan. I'm asking for any help with finding him, I was awarded to the state at 16 years old so most of my options have turned out to be dead ends. If there is anyone out there who knows this person (by looking at this photo) Please contact me. I have no idea where he might be, I only know that he was a Marine, as I was. He possibly lives in Florida as well as Michigan, (not sure of the areas) but his Mom lived in the ST Clair Shores area of Michigan. I'm told that he may have visited me when I was a child living (corner of Harper and Stevens) in St Clair Shores Michigan. My Grandmother (my dads Mom) gave me this photo with no other information. I only met her once and was never able to locate her again. Any information

Please send email to


My father George M Sweet (now deceased) I believe was in CO B he was in New Zealand, Hawaiian Islands, San Francisco Hospital and Boston Hospital when not in Combat He was trained in Amphibious Tractors in Dunedin Florida completed training July 27, 1942 he was then sent overseas. He was in the Battle for Tarawa 20 Nov 1943 -- 4 Dec 1943 and in battle and severely wounded on 15 June 1944 Saipan. I am hoping to get information on his unit as Dad was not one to talk about it and also I have pictures of other in his unit I would like ID'd and to share any info from Member or relative welcome

Thank You Cheryl

I have been trying to help a friend to locate and reunite with someone with whom he became friends with while in bootcamp in 1978. Trying, but with no luck as yet!

They were in bootcamp at MCRD San Diego, Platoon 1077, and graduated on December 1, 1978. In their Graduation Book, the person I seek is listed as "A. Valenzuela", but went by the name Tony.

Tony and my friend, Eddie Valenzuela saw each other several times after bootcamp but lost touch of each other over the years.

Any help and or direction is most appreciated. Please send repies to me at MYGIFTISME@AOL.COM

My thanks,

Looking for Parris Island platoon yearbook, platoon 284, outposted January 1962.

Thanks for Jim Crane.

Please contact me at

I am wondering if anyone could help me find a marine that I have not heard from in three years. If he is still alive and in the marines his name is Felix Diego Ruiz, date of birth 03-10-1983. Could you please help me find him. I don't know what else to try.


I served at 8th& I Marine Barracks from 1962 to 1965 in the Silent Drill Team. I got married while at 8th& I and my best man was Michael Anthony Hoffman from Philadelphia. I have tried on and off for twenty years to find Mike but have been unsuccessful. If anyone knows Mike or what happened to him please let me know.

Janet & I recently celebrated our 41st wedding anniversary and wed like to contact Mike and share our happiness and memories and learn about his life.

Ed McCloskey

My dad was wounded in Iwo Jima.. I am trying very hard to find a good friend of his.. can anyone offer any help for that endeavor?

Bill Bollinger

I would like to find a member of Platoon 500 in 1943. His name is George Lowry. Can anyone help me?

Ken Ford

My name is Sgt Joseph Barr and I am stationed at the Marine Corps Air Station Yuma AZ. I am looking for information on my grandfather. I am not sure exactly when he served in Nicarauga, but it was probably between 1925-1930. His name was John Franklin, or Frankland Potts. He once told me he was on the USS Dallas. He also said he left Nicarauga early because he played for the all Marine baseball team, I am not sure but the championship game was played in Texas.

When I graduated boot camp(MCRD SAN DIEGO) in 1996 there was a photo type wallpaper on the main side barbershop wall . It was a black and white photo from the all marine baseball team and my grandfather was in the picture. I have been trying to find a copy of that photo for 9 years.

I do know my granfather was discharged from Paris Island South Carolina, and was a PFC.

If you could help or direct me an any way please e mail me, or call me at work or home.

Sgt Joe Barr
1616Beast Reilly St

928-344-9151 home
928-269-2469 Work
618-580-9819 Cell

Hello, I'm have been searching for a Lawrence Bates for over 10 yrs now. He should be in his early 60s by now. He was in the navy, I have a black/white picture of him with his sailor hat on. the badges don't appear in the picture so I'm not sure what area he worked. I do know he was in Groton CT in 1965. If there is anything you could suggest on ways to locate him please let me know. thanks have a great holiday!

Leah Mosher

Thank you very much.

I am looking for Navy people that might have been stationed with me between 1978 thru 1983. I realize this site is for Marines, but I have searched and searched.

I was in boot camp in 78 Orlando Florida
A-school in San Diego 78-19 Radioman A school
Norfolk VA NTCC Breezy Point 79-83
Hampton Roads VA 79 - 83
Naval Weapons Station-Earle, Colts Neck New Jersey
My name was Mary Bulgier
any info helpful.

Thank you,


I'm an inactive Marine on a mission to help out my brother-in-law find information about his grandfather, a WWI Marine.

What I know: James Emmett Noonan was a Marine who fought in France during said war. I can only assume he was in the 5th Marines but, who knows? Can you suggest avenues that we might search to learn of this Marine brother, maybe learn a little of his history, where he served, etc.?

I would sure appreciate any help you could send my way to put me on the right track.


Robert Leatherwood

I would like to find some old friends of my dad's. My dads name is Bill Harris he was in the Corp in 1961-1965. His platoon was 301and he work withVMT-2. which they dismember it in May of 1962 and sent it to Yuma, AZ.

I have some picture of a few Buddie, Like Dennis Botts, John Lake, Dominic Sweeney, I have found Dominic S. and Dominic Pondnt. I can be reached at

Thank you

I am looking for Christopher Smith who served with me In Kings Bay Georgia security forces. Also Chris is a native of upstate New York, Syracuse.

Please respond to .


I am a retired Connecticut State Policeman. My first cousin, Louis Dadario a member of the United States Marine Corp, from Waterbury, Ct,was fatally wounded on Okinawa, after V-E Day and before V-J Day. His mother Katherine Galvin Dadario was my mothers, Lucy Galvin Cavanaugh sister. My last memories, as a seven year old, of Louis was him being home on leave in uniform heading to the Pacific, and his picture on the front page of the Waterbury Republic American when it was reported he was KIA.

Thank You for any info; he has one sister who is still alive.

Looking for Plt Pictures of any Plt that I put thru boot camp (PI) 1956 thru 1958 and 1961 thru 1964. Lost all platoon books and pictures in transit.

MSgt Donald C. Doud USMC Rt'd


I'm looking for information on the skipper of L Company, 3rd Battalion, 3rd Marines during the recapture of Guam (July,1944). His name was Captain William G.H. Stephens, Jr. , USMC. Does anybody know how long he was in command of this unit and where on Guam did he serve? I would be grateful for any response to this post. Thank you.


Looking for anybody that was in the 3rd Signal Company, 3rd Marine Division from it's inception in Sept. 1942 to the end of the Iwo Jima campaign. Addison Gene Wyman, Message Center

I am looking for a yearbook for Platoon 191 Marine Corps Recruit Depot. Parris Island SC. Year 1963 i believe. The SGT's Name Was Henderson,and there was a Cpl. Wilson,and a Sgt. Delph. They were the drill instructors. Any help would be appriciated.

Thanks, Tom Perkins

Fathers name is Kenneth H Gigstead from Milw, Wi..Sept 42 - Jan 46..Camp Pendleton..Telegraph printer mechanic...5th Div Spearhead...28th regiment..2nd wave on Iwo....Walked off...Than occ Japan...I am looking for anyone who can tell me what Battalion, Company, Platoon he was in.. Died in Wisc 2000........

E- mail us at

Thanx, Ken jr

I was stationed in Sasebo Japan from 1953 to 1955 and had a very good friend in the USMC named Dugan, he was a seargant and we ran around with two guys from the state department, one was Bill Foley. I have not seen any of them since 1955 when I left the military. Sure would be great if I could contact them!!!!

( Ex-Seabee) Everett Wilkerson "WILKY".


Looking for any "old Salts" that might have known my father at Okinawa hqrr/hqr/5/1, strecher bearer- or would just like to share their experience there. I have some network of Marines that were there that like to keep contact.

Barney Diamos-(650) 283-8600
I am looking for a copy of a USMC Marine Corps Graduation Yearbook Platoon 2019, Graduated 24 March 1975.

If anyone has a extra copy please email me at

I am the grand nephew of Frank McNally who as I understand was killed in France in WW1. His brother Edward, my grandfather was a LT with the 33rd ID. I would like any info that exists on Frank McNally. He is a forgotten Marine whose grave I would like to visit as no one has ever seen it.

Ed Stack
My dad's name was Marcus Anthony Lengerich. He was a L/Cpl. He was in from 1985 to 1988. He died back in March of this year. He didn't tell me to much about the Corps, so I would like as much help as possible.

Thank you,
Kyle Lengerich

I'm looking for anyone who may remember My uncle Johnny, His name was John A. Bentley Jr. They called him 'Tex'. He was 23 and from Kittanning, Pa. A big dark haired boy. He was a flame thrower, and died on Iwo Jima, March 27th, 1945. He was out on the night of the 26th and died in the morning hours. He was member of the 5th division. Johnny was a corporal, and also a paratrooper.

Would like to hear from people stationed at Sangley Point Marine Barracks during the late '50s and early '60, particularly those who worked in the brig with me: Kelly, Greene, Norton, Alston, Gorman, Sibcy, Griffin, Ferraro, Verzilli, Bobbitt, Bucher or anyone else stationed at Sangley.

Ray Elliott

-- Ray Elliott
Tales Press
2609 North High Cross Road
Urbana, IL 61802

217 384-5820
217 384-7996 (fax)
I'm a former Marine I was at Parris Island, in 1956 PT 301 - 4TH BATT Grad on Dec 4th 1956. I'm 67 years old now but would Love to here from someone that was in my PT. Also I lost my PT Book and would love to be able to show it to my Sons & Granddaughter, if anyone out there can help me. I will pay for the Book. I'm looking forward to hear from someone.

Walter Fritz
I'm looking for anyone who served with Bill Connaughton in WWII or Korea. I do not know his units.

Thom Connaughton
3rd Recon, 67-68
My husband, Dennis P. Logan, and I, Misty Logan, would appreciate any information on his father, Matthew Elmer "Lou" Logan who was injured at the battle of Peleliu in World War II. Anyone who was a comrade or old friend and can give us insight on his service or memories of his companionship would be greatly appreciated. He was a marine, but we're unsure of his rank as he received a battlefield commission. He passed away in 1970 in Maryland as a result of his injury. We are very grateful for his service as well as the service of others.
Basic Class 1-62 (June-Dec., 1961). Proposed reunion: Quantico, VA. Dates depend on interest.

George W. Ayers, Col. USMCR (Ret.)

My name is Robert Louis Davidson 840709 USMCR. I was on the invasion and occupation of Peleliu from Sept. 1944 thru Aug.1945.

I was an aviation metalsmith with Mag11, comin up the slot from Espriritu Santos to Peleliu. and there is very little in the way of what our outfit accomplished during this trying period.

Please help us out here as we made a very significant contribution in this effort

Bob Davidson

Hello. My name is Jody Clothier. My Dad served in Vietnam. I never really got a chance to talk to him about that. He past away in 1982, I was forteen. My mother had some pictures and his dog tags, but were thrown away by my step-father to spite her. I'm thirty-five years old now. I'm happily married with three wonderful children, but will never have the chance to know him. All I have is one picture.The one that the Marine Corps had taken to leave home for mamma. I would love to know as much as possible about my dad's service in Vietnam. This is the only info I have: Boot Camp- 1965 Camp Legeune.Vietnam-1966-1967 based at Chu Lai. He did tell me that he was a sniper, and went on two man operations. His name: John Wayne Beckham. Specialty Code: 0311. SS# 429-78-1122. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thank You.


Looking for:

William "Bill" Boykin last seen in "A" Btry 3rd LAAM Bn Cherry Point, NC in '64-'65

Anyone who was in Platoon 145 MCRD San Diego Summer of '62

Anyone who was in "B" Btry 1st LAAM Bn Monkey Mtn. Da Nang RVN in '65-'66

Jerry Downen

Looking for Charles Lemeioux who was a member of A Co. First Engineer Battalion in Peiping, China in 1946-47. All Star football player in Wisconsin prior to Marine service.


Looking for a Marine Buddy named Frank Glover, Camp Lejeune 1958 to 1965 and in country 1967 - 1969

Bob Juneau USMC Ret

I'm trying to find anyone who might have served with my Dad, Charles M. (Smokey) Harp. He was in San Diego in 1943 and was a runner, for a while, for Gen H.M. Smith. I would love to exchange information with someone who knew him.

Semper Fidelis
James Harp

Seeking info on buddy from RVN. (Sgt.) Ernie Cahill. Discharged around 1968. Lived in Woodside, Queens, NYC.

Dennis T. Kotch
Merrick, New York 11566-2501

I was in Naples, Italy from Dec55 to Dec57. I am interested in contacting anyone who was also in Naples regardless of the years.I currently have about 30 names from 1954 to about 1959. This is for the purpose setting up a reunion and also a newsletter.

Please contact me at

Ray Mezo
Sgt. 1516200

I was in the USMC from 1 Dec 54 to 3 Oct 61. Would like info on Leroy S. Bass. Last known unit was 2nd MAW, VMCJ-2, MCAS, Cherry Point, NC.

Charles W. Dunn,

I served at Cherry Point from 9/73 to 8/74 and then again from 11/75 to 8/79. I was with MWSG-27 , VMGR-252 and MAG-14. Looking for anyone who served in those units during that time. I was with Group Supply in all those Units. Also looking for anyone who served with Station Operations and Maintenance Squadron at Kaneohe Bay from 79 to 83.

Lonnie Simmons,

I'm looking for Sgt Joe Getsie, last known unit MAG 15. We were assigned to E/2/12 in 64-65

Bob L'Heureux

I am looking for Charlie Summers on behalf of my grandmother, Ann Creswick (nee Clegg). Charlie was aquaintance of my grandmothers. They met in Lake Placid, New York when my grandmother was touring with a dance company. Charlie was stationed in Hawaii during WW2. His last know whereabouts was in Detriot, Michigan.

If anyone has information on Charlie, please contact me.

My Name is Fred R. Miller. I was stationed at Subic Bay, Okinawa, aboard USS Denver {LPD 9} during March 1970 thru April 1971. I would like to make contact with anyone in the Hotel Co, 2nd Bat, 4th Marines, 3rd Marine Div.

Thank you, Fred.

Searching for Bob Thompson who I served with from PI thru Hingham and the First Mar. Div. (A-1-7) from the 'canal through Peleliu.

'Bluey' was from near Cahattanoga, TN and may have returned there. Last word I had was that he was discharged with 100% disability. And word will be most welcome.

DD Barrett

I was in Service Squadron 24 at South Field (Nan Yuan) at Peiping, China in May `46 until July `46. I had been in MAG 12 at Zamboanga PI from October `45 til we went to Taku and then to West Field at Peiping. I was NCO in charge of Transient Officer Quarters at South Field. Can`t remember name of CO at that time, but he offered me NCO duties at the Wagon Lie Hotel in town if I would sign up for six months, but I told him I was ready to come home. Sometimes I wish I had taken him up on the deal. I would`ve probably been court-martialed if I had. Who was that Colonel? Real fine guy.

Semper Fi & Long Life
Chuck Hardesty, China Marine

During the almost one hundred years that the U.S. Navy was at Subic Bay, thousands of sailors, Marines, soldiers, airmen and U.S. civilians were stationed there or passed through on port visits. In addition, there were countless Filipinos who either worked on the base or in other areas related to the base.

The Subic Bay Registry Project is an effort to permanently record the participants in this great adventure that was Subic Bay!

The project's website came on-line the first of this month - Over the next few months this site is expected to have several thousand members registered.

The great thing about this site is that it is built on a database which means that it is searchable. For example, you can type in a name and hit "search" and it will return any records with that name.

There are dozens of categories covering all the units at Subic Bay as well as other bases in the Philippines (i.e., Sangley Point, Clark, San Miguel, etc.) where you can post your picture and links to your own websites.

This is a great resource for preserving these memories and also finding old shipmates, friends, family members, and others, with an organized, searchable database. You can quickly zero in on your area of interest without going through dozens or hundreds of emails or listing.

If you want to find out how to get registered (its free, of course) and make an entry, just go to If you have an interest in Subic Bay, please register and post an entry.


Looking for a buddy who served in the MP's, Camp LeJeune, '56-'57, by the name of Howard "Hoot" Myrick.

Gerald C. Goerlitz
'54-'57 Sgt. USMC

From early 73 to late 75 I was @ Kaneohe Bay. "Tom" Thomas A. Nelson (Sgt) and wife Nancy, son Tommy became close friends. Tom is from N.J. and I would love to get back together with him somehow.

Kenney Triplett, Sgt USMC DAV

Would like to make contact with anyone who was with Hotel Company, 2nd Bat., 4th Marines; the group which deployed from Kaneohe MCAS to Chu Lai, Viet Nam in March 1965. Especially any of Hotel who were in Operation Starlite.

Jean Moore

Just looking for old pals. PLT 2052 Parris Island 4/77 to 7/77
Camp Lejune 8/77 refrigeration Mechanic School
Cherry Point 8/77 - 8/78 H&GMS-27 MWSG-27 WES-27
Camp Hansen Okinawa 8/78 - 11/79 3rd Combat Engineers
3rd Marine Division.
Cherry Point 11/79 - 7/81 MWSG-27 WES-27

I know you guys are out there somewhere

CPL. Mahar,Carl I.
refer mech 1161 USMC
Once a Marine Always a Marine


In October of 1965 I enlisted in the Marine Corps in Houston, Texas. My next stop was MCRD San Diego where I was assigned to Platoon 2010. Half way through bootcamp, I broke my thumb and was sent to sickbay to heal for three weeks, then assigned to Platoon 2019 with whom I graduated. Unfortunately, all my photos and those of my buddies with whom I enlisted were in the 2010 yearbook.

If anyone has a 2010 yearbook, MCRD San Diego, 1965-66, please contact me.

Semper Fi,
Rod Sexton

Sgt. Manley is looking for the rest of his Boot Platoon from Parris Island, April , 1964. The third reunion of Platoon 236, AKA Stoner Platoon, is in the planning. We have not located all the members but still looking.

Please contact Manley at:

Semper Fi, and thanks

Looking for anyone in platoon 3080 at MCRD San Diego. Sept thru Nov 1968

Edward Mahoney

Am looking for anyone who was in Platoon 37 at Parris Island in October 1938. Also looking for William Gaines who was in Ordinance School in Quantico, VA. in the Spring and Summer of 1943.

Jack C. Carroll

Looking for anyone who knew my father, Frederick Tossick (deceased), a member of the 1st Battalion, 21st Marines, who participated in enemy action on Bougainville 6 November 1943 to 9 January 1944 (or other time as a Marine from July 1940 to October 1945).

Fred Tossick

looking for whatever info i can get on pops friend i know he was kia on or about 21 march 1945 on iwo i beleive he was in 3rdmarine div. 21 regiment 1st was robert ''bobby'' kelly.think he was a corporal.i think he was from n.y. but some info has him enlisting in ohio this is where it gets confusing supposto to be buried there too but not sure have no one to ask as mom and dad both would never talk about it because he always blamed himself because he gave him the money to go back after leave...he would never even watch sands of iwo jima with me when i was small..could never understand that when i was little thank you for any help and may god bless you

These three photographs (click here) are all that I know about my father, a WWII Marine. My mother passed away in 1997 and left m no information about my father, not even his name ("Fortelny" is my step-father's name). I have no information about his unit, or any other aspect about his service. All I know is that he served in WWII. If anyone can provide any information about these photographs, please contact me at at, or at 714-557-3769

Bob Fortelny

I am looking for the Marines who were in Platoon 191 San Diego, Ca. in 1956. When we graduated I went to 2nd ITR and ended up H & S 1st Bn 5th Marines 1st marine Div(Reinf) FMF Camp Pendleton Ca. I would like to hear from anyone who might remember.

Charles Borcherding

I have attempted to locate a former Marine that I was stationed with in DC, ca. 1959, without success. His name is Howard "Howie" A. Dickson, Jr. "Howie" and I were assigned to the Marine Barracks, Ceremonial Guard Company, 8th & I, Washington, DC. He was a member of the Body Bearers Section and lived in Gloucester City, NJ, at the time. Howie is a W-M- 64. I believe he still lives in Camden County.

John T. Reim
"Semper Fidelis"

I am interested in making contact with anyone who served on the U.S.S. Texas I am creating a "USS Texas" mailing list, so if you happen to know of anyone who might be interested in joining, please contact me. By the way, I will be 95 years old this August.

Many thanks,

Ernest William "Willie" Calkins,
USS Texas Flagship, 1927-1931