West State, 100 block, looking west.

C.F. Henry Building, State & Main, 1910.

West State, 200 & 100 block, looking east, ca1917.

West State Street, looking west across
Main Street. Tall building on right, just
past C.F. Henry sign, is the
Rockford Dry Goods Company.

Same location, different angle, different time.

West State, 300 block, looking east.
Tall building on left is Rockford Dry Goods Company.
C.F. Henry Building just beyond.

West State, 300 block, looking east.
Rockford National Bank Building on right,
Rockford Dry Goods Company on left.

West State, 300 block, looking east.
Same view as above, but from half a block
further west, just east of Main. ~~ Pre-World War I.

Rockford National Bank Building.
(also known as Rockford Trust Bldg),
State & Main.

Another view from 300 block looking east.
By this time, (post-1922), the Rockford
National Bank Building has added four stories.

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