Meet Boris & Smedley.

Meet Boris & Smedley!
They met in a grimy cut-throat bar
somewhere between Vladivostock & Shanghai
in the bitter winter of 1932,
and they have been passing this old Red Army flask
back & forth ever since.

How they ended up in my dugout
is another story . . . Suffice it to say
they keep a good close eye on
everyone who drops by.

Boris is particularly suspicious
of casual visitors.
He has just spotted you on the other side of your
computer screen.

Comrade! Come in, come in, step into the light! What is your business here? Don't you know
this is a restricted area?
Only the damned & demented
are permitted here!
Where are your papers?
You left them at home?~~
you idiot!! But never mind,
how much cash are you carrying?

Quick, I'll create
a diversion,
you can
slip out the back!