Colonel Pedro del Valle, USMC

NEW copy. Hardcover. (Nashville, Battery Press). Reprinted from the 1940 edition. 53 photos/drawings, maps, 272 pp.

Roman Eagles over Ethiopia was written by then Colonel (later Lieutenant General) Pedro A. del Valle, USMC. Colonel del Valle was the official U.S. military observer with the Italian Army for what has become known as the Italo-Ethiopian War of 1936-37. Originally published in 1940, Roman Eagles over Ethiopia sets forth the events leading up to the expedition, the various handicaps of terrain and climate, the traits and defense of the natives, and the complete movements of combat operations by the Italian Army under Generals De Bono, Badoglio and Graziani. In addition to the narrative of the battles and marches, the author provides the motivating factors of the carnpaign. Dispositions, successive positions, communications, supply and all of the tactics and strategy of the operations are depicted in an additional 25 clear explanatory maps.