History of U.S. Marine Corps Operations in World War II


LtCol Frank O. Hough, USMCR
Major Verle E. Ludwig, USMC
Henry I. Shaw, Jr.

NEW. Battery Press, Nashville, 1993. Reprinted from the 1958 edition. Gilt lettering & decorations on red cloth.6.5x9.5. Profusely illustrated with photographs, charts & maps. Appendices, index, 465 pages. 26-page map section at rear of book, in addition to numerous maps throughout main text. Main headings in table of contents as follows: Introduction to the Marine Corps; War Comes; The Defense of Wake; Marines in the Philippines; Decision at Midway; The Turning Point: Guadalcanal. Appendicies as follows: Bibliographical Notes; Chronology; Marine Task Organization and Command Lists; Marine Casualties; First Marine Division Operation Order~Guadalcanal; Military Map Symbolsí Gude to Abbreviations; Unit Commendations.

One of five volumes sold as set only.
Price for new 5-volume set: $255

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