Captain Gordon Swango, USMC

~~ Older brother of Cpl Robert Dean Swango, USMC.

~~ 1940: St Thomas, Cuba.

~~ 1941: Quantico.

~~ With LtCol Bryce's MAG-11, New Caladonia, October 1942.

~~ Then at Turtle Bay, Espirito Santos. Official title was "Motor Transport Officer MAG-11". Grade Three Warrant Officer (Marine Gunner). In charge of unloading ships. After ships were unloaded, was liason officer between Marines and Seabees who built airstrip & road network. When strip was completed, Marines had 2 or 3 squadrons of Corsairs which rotated back & forth to Henderson Field on Guadalcanal.

~~ Contracted malaria.

~~ In early 1943, transferred to 1st Marine Air Wing as Motor Transport Officer, headquartered at Henderson Field, Guadalcanal.

~~ Left Corps with rank of Captain.

~~ Best buddy was Master Sergeant Don Thornbury who flew SBDs in Major Bob Richard's squadron (VMB-543?), and went on to fly fighters.

Please contact BJ Omanson if you have any further information on this Marine.

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