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[17th Aero] Clapp, Frederick M., A HISTORY OF THE 17th AERO SQUADRON: An American Pursuit Squadron with the RAF.


[17th Aero] Reed, Otis Lowell & George Roland, CAMEL DRIVERS: The 17th Aero Squadron in World War I. NEW copy, hardcovers. 8.5x11. (Atglen, PA: Schiffer Publishing). Over 200 b&w photographs, 160 pages.
~~~ The 17th Aero Squadron flew Sopwith Camels under British command along the Western Front during the summer of 1918. This definitive work on the 17th Aero Squadron in World War I is drawn from a wide range of official and personal sources, including original squadron records (found in an attic!), numerous interviews, letters written home, and half a dozen diaries - including one kept by a German pilot flying in opposition.


[50th Aero] Morse, Daniel P., THE HISTORY OF THE 50th AERO SQUADRON: The "Dutch Girl" Observation Squadron in World War I.


[135th Aero] Hart, Percival Gray, HISTORY OF THE 135th AERO SQUADRON: The "Statue of Liberty" Observation Squadron in World War I.


Collings, Kenneth, JUST FOR THE HELL OF IT. First edition in poor dust jacket, inscribed by author.


FLYING OFFICERS OF THE UNITED STATES NAVY, 1917-1919. NEW copy, hardcovers. 8.5x11. (Atglen, PA: Schiffer Publishing). Over 200 b&w photographs, 304 pages.
~~~ This book, originally published just after World War I, is the definitive reference to United States Naval aviators in World War I. Also included: a history of naval aviation operations in World War I.


click to enlarge Franks, Norman, BRITISH AND AMERICAN ACES OF WORLD WAR I: The Pictorial Record. NEW copy, hardcover. 8.5x11. (Atglen, PA: Schiffer Publishing). Over 400 b&w photographs, 240 pages.
~~~ A companion volume to German Aces of World War I - The Pictorial Record (Norman Franks & Greg VanWyngarden, Schiffer, 2004), this new book covers the British and Commonwealth fighter aces of the Great War. One chapter covers the aces with ten or more victories, and an additional chapter lists the fighter aces with nine down to five victories, giving their squadrons, where they hailed from, and in many cases their subsequent fate. For the American aces, the author lists every fighter ace of the period, from Rickenbacker’s twenty-six down to those with five victories.


Franks, Norman, and Frank Bailey, OVER THE FRONT: A Complete Record of the Fighter Aces and Units of the United States and French Air Services, 1914-1918 . Grub Street, 1992. Photographs, biographical and claim notes, bibliography, maps, 230 pages. 384 pages. Companion volume to Above the Trenches, 400 biographies, awards with citations, where possible, and full list of claims by date, time and location with type of plane flown. ~~ OUT OF PRINT.


[Geiger] Roger Willock, UNACCUSTOMED TO FEAR: A Biography of the Late General Roy S. Geiger. Geiger served in the U.S. Marines from 1907 through the end of WWII. During WWI he served with Group Number Five, Royal Air Forces at Dunkerque. He commanded a squadron of the First Marine Aviation Force and was attached to the Day Wing, Northern Bombing Group. He was detached to the United States in January 1919. For distinguished service in leading bombing raids against the enemy, he was awarded the Navy Cross.



Skinner, Stepehn, THE STAND: The Final Flight of Lt. Frank Luke, Jr. NEW copy, hardcover. 8.5x11. (Atglen, PA: Schiffer Publishing, 2008). Over 340 b&w & color images, 320 pages.

~~~ The last great mystery of World War I has been solved. Drawing from more than two thousand pages of unpublished material, archeological digs in France and dozens of interviews with the descendents of those involved, The Stand: The Final Flight of Lt. Frank Luke, Jr. writes the last chapter on the life and death of America's most spectacular fighter pilot. After fifteen years of research, author and Telly Award-winning television host Stephen Skinner pens a driving, dynamic account that fills in the blanks left behind byhistoryafter the legendary Arizona balloon buster died under controversial circumstances deep in enemy lines in September of 1918.


NEW ENGLAND AVIATORS, 1914-1918: Their Portraits and Their Records. NEW copy, hardcovers. 6x9. (Atglen, PA: Schiffer Publishing).
~~~ This two volume set originally appeared in 1919 in limited quantities - original copies are now highly sought collectibles. Both volumes of New England Aviators are now available in new quality editions. 542 New England pilots - who flew with the USAAC, USN, USMC and British and French air forces - are given short biographical entries and most appear in World War I era photographs. New England Aviators is a superb, detailed reference for World War I and aviation historians, as well as uniform and insignia collectors.

~~~~~~~~~ Volume One: Over 200 b&w photographs, 472 pages.


~~~~~~~~~ Volume Two: Over 250 b&w photographs, 480 pages.


Rickenbacker, Edward V., RICKENBACKER: AN AUTOBIOGRAPHY. Printice Hall, Inc., 1967. VG+/VG-. First Edition. A clean, tight copy ~ book without flaws; jacket slightly chipped, with some light gouging to back cover of jacket as though by a child with a blunt instrument, but jacket untorn. Jacket in mylar protector. Overall a bright, clean copy. Original "$7.95" intact on jacket flap. Photographs, appendices, index, 458 pages. Rickenbacker was a race car driver on the national circuit before the war, became America's highest-scoring ace during the war, and survived a crash in the Pacific during WWII, floating 24 days in a rubber raft before being rescued.


Woolley, Charles, with Bill Crawford, ECHOES OF EAGLES: A Son's Search for His Father and the Legacy of America's First Fighter Pilots. Hardcover with dustjacket, in new condition except for black remainder mark on bottom edge of book. Dutton, 2003, First Printing. Maps, photographs, diagrams, Glossary, Sources, Notes, 307 pages. "Published to coincide with the one-hundredth anniversary of the Wright Brothers' historic first flight and the birth of aviation, Echoes of Eagles is a rousing chronicle of American air combat during the first world war. In 1917, Charles H. Woolley, the author's father, enlisted in and trained as a pilot with the newly created U.S. Air Service. He and his fellow pilots of the 94th, 95th, and 49th Aero Squadrons flew at 20,000 feet in open-cockpit French biplanes, with no oxygen, no parachutes, and no radios. Death was their constant companion. This extraordinary book takes readers into the cockpits of these fragile fighter aircraft and into the souls of the men who fought for their country in a new environment - the air. Based on diaries and letters and never-before-published interviews with the heroes themselves, and featuring amazing photographs, this unforgettable account of America's first fighter pilots is also a son's stirring tribute to his father."


Woolley, Charles, THE HAT IN THE RING GANG: The Combat History of the 94th Aero Squadron in World War I. NEW copy, hardcover issued without dustjacket, laminated pictorial boards. 8.5x11. (Atglen, PA: Schiffer Publishing, 2002). Over 375 b&w photographs & color profiles, 240 pages.
~~~ The names Raoul Lufbery, Doug Campbell, Reed Chambers, Ham Coolidge, and the greatest American fighter ace of World War I, Eddie Rickenbacker, are those most closely associated with Uncle Sam's "Hat in the Ring" squadron, the 94th Aero Squadron, U.S. Air Service, 1917-1919. This all new book, "The Hat in the Ring Gang," contains a rich mixture of official as well as personal contemporarily written accounts of the 94th Aero Squadron, the most successful pursuit squadron in the United States Air Service. Combat reports, letters of the aces, and diary entries of other pilots are woven together to tell the story. Over 375 photographs, color profiles on Nieuports and Spads, rosters of pilots, aircraft, and citations for bravery awards round out this lively history of war in the air American style, spotlighting the gallant 94th.


Shirley, Noel, UNITED STATES NAVAL AVIATION, 1910-1918. NEW copy, hardcover with dustjacket. 8.5x11. (Atglen, PA: Schiffer Publishing). Over 320 b&w photographs, 336 pages.
~~~ This book is a complete history of the early development of naval aviation in the U.S., and the role that the naval aviation service applied to the war effort during 191701918. Detailed discussion is also provided regarding the role of Marine Corps aviation during this time period.


Sloan, James J., WINGS OF HONOR: American Airmen in World War I. NEW copy, hardcover with dustjacket. 8.5x11. (Atglen, PA: Schiffer Publishing, 2002). Over 350 b&w photographs, 460 pages.
~~~ Wings of Honor is a compilation of all United States pilots, observers, gunners and mechanics who flew against the enemy in World War I. Covered are Americans who flew with the French and British air services, U.S. Navy aviators, the 103rd Pursuit Squardron, the 1st Balloon Group, the 1st Pursuit Group, the 1st Corps Observation Group, American bomber units, the 2nd Pursuit Squardron, the 3rd Pursuit Group, and all other units in which Americans flew. James J. Sloan is a founding member of the American Aviation Historical Society, as well as a charter member of the Society of World War I Aero Historians. He lives in Salinas, CA.


Thomas, Ritchie & Carl M. Becker (eds), AN AMERICAN PURSUIT PILOT IN FRANCE: Roland W. Richardson's Diaries & Letters. 1917-1919. White Mane Books, 1994. NF/VG. Small tears & creases to top edge of jacket spine. Jacket in mylar. Book itself as new. Photographs, notes, appendices, index, 198 pages. Richardson flew with the 213th Squadron, American Air Service.


H. A. Toulmin, Jr , AIR SERVICE, AMERICAN EXPEDITIONARY FORCE, 1918 NEW copy, hardcover issued without dustjacket. Battery Press, 2004; reprint of the original 1927 edition. Photographs 420 pages.
~~~ This history is an insider's look at the problems and solutions facing our new aviation force in France in World War I. The author was particularly well suited for this task. Sent to France to investigate aerial bombardment problems on the Western Front, Toulmin was rapidly assigned to the Ordnance Division and later promoted to Chief of the Co-ordination Staff under Major General Patrick, Chief of Air Service. From May 1918 to the end of the war, he witnessed, and participated in, the complete overall of our Air Service. The book focuses on each of the staff areas. There are chapters on the responsibilities of the Supply and Repair Division, Personnel Division, Design and Projects Divisions and the Training Division. Also discussed in detail are activities of the Technical, Transportation, Liaison and Photographic Sections. This is one of the most important account of the organization of the American Air Service in WWI.


Woolley, Charles, FIRST TO THE FRONT: The Aerial Adventures of 1st Lt. Waldo Heinrichs and the 95th Aero Squadron 1917-1918. NEW copy, hardcover issued without dustjacket, laminated pictorial boards. 8.5x11. (Atglen, PA: Schiffer Publishing). Over 280 b&w photographs & color profiles, 256 pages.
~~~ The 95th Aero Squadron was the first American pursuit squadron to fly over the front in March 1918 and 1st Lt. Waldo Heinrichs was one of its original members. The history of the Squadron is told through the words of those who served, Heinrichs' richly written diary forms the nucleus of the story supported by contemporary letters, anecdotes, and combat reports from many of the other flyers. Entries from the official Squadron history as contained in the History of the American Air Services A.E.F. (the Gorrell History) round out the narrative. Over 280 photos, most unpublished from the personal albums of the participants, show planes, places and personnel which surrounded this happy band of warriors.


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