Display case of Harry Phielblad's
photograph and medals
at the VFW Hall
in Knoxville, Illinois,
which bears his name.


Cpl Harry Phielblad, born in Knoxville, Illinois, September 1890. Enlisted in U.S. Marine Corps November 20th, 1916. Trained at Paris Island & Quantico. Served in 78th Company, 6th Marines. Arrived France 20 May 1918. At Hill 231, on September 15, leading five men, he captured a machine gun nest and four German soldiers. For this action Phielblad was awarded two Silver Star Citations. At Blanc Mont, on October 3, he singlehandedly captured two machine gun nests, killing both crews with his pistol. He was killed while attacking a third machine gun nest. According to his Lieutenant, who was at his side when he was hit, he was struck not by a bullet but by a piece of shrapnel which struck him in the neck. He continued running at the enemy for several steps before dropping. His dying words were: "They've got me. Tell Mother not to worry." For his actions at Blanc Mont he was awarded the Croix de Guerre, Silver Star Citation, Distinguished Service Cross with five citations, and Navy Cross. He was also awarded the Purple Heart.

Special thanks to Ms. Lisa Walker of Galesburg, Illinois, for the above information.

The caisson which was used to convey the casket
of Harry Phielblad to its final resting place
in the Knoxville, Illinois cemetery in 1919.

Please contact me if you have any further information on this Marine.

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