Second Division Association

Volume 1, Number 11, Published Weekly.  June  24, 1919, Nieuwied-on-the-Rhine, Germany.  VG. Wraps. 8.75x11. Staple bound. In nice, tight condition overall with almost no wear and no browning. A superficial & inconspicuous scratch line across center of front cover. No other obvious flaws. There were 14 INDIANS published all told; thirteen in Germany & one aboard ship on the way home. All were published in 1919.  Each cover was unique: an original work of art by a member of the division.  The cover for this issue shows a gold & black drawing of a Marine in helmet & uniform, with cartridge belt, gas mask bag & puttees, about to hurl a smoking grenade. There is an eagle, globe & anchor device visible on his helmet. Next to him, in a box surmounted by an EGA emblem, is a box containing the following legend: "And They Couldn't Lick the Leather-Necks in a Hundred Thousand Years~1917-1919".  The cover was designed by Grant James Powers.   Inside the issue, the lead-off story is "How To Gather Souvenirs", describing how an officer of the 6th Marines, in order to plug a gap in the line at Belleau Wood, borrowed eight nearby Engineers and went on a little souvenir-gathering expedition, killing eleven Germans in the process and taking one prisoner. Other features include photographs of the winners of the AEF individual pistol and rifle shoots at Le Mans, both of whom were members of the 5th Marines, and a tribute by a Marine corporal to a medic killed in the Argonne who was a conscientious objector renowned for repeatedly bringing in wounded under heavy fire while whistling cheerful tunes to himself.  Also included are the regular column, "York Spur's Dope", brief stories, notices, original art, cartoons, editorials, gossip, poetry, sports, and news of individual soldiers & Marines, as well as of different companies & battalions. 16 double-column pages. SCARCE.