Second Division Association

Volume 1, Number 12, Published Weekly.  July  1, 1919, Nieuwied-on-the-Rhine, Germany.  VG. Wraps. 8.75x11. Staple bound. Centerfold torn at top & bottom in about 1 inch, but binding still tight overall. Entire issue a very light uniform browning, but pages are not brittle. No other obvious flaws. Still in nice condition overall. There were 14 INDIANS published all told; thirteen in Germany & one aboard ship on the way home. All were published in 1919.  Each cover was unique: an original work of art by a member of the division.  The cover for this issue shows an elaborate black and red drawing of Indian chiefs in full headdresses & blankets, sitting around a campfire in a forest setting, passing a pipe. As it rises from the fire, the smoke spells "PEACE". One of the chiefs, on the shoulder of his blanket, has a 2nd Division Indianhead shoulder patch. Inside the issue, the lead-off story is "An Afternoon in Paris", a personal account by "Mike" of the 5th Marines describing how, as a patient in a Paris hospital, he was visited by a bevy of young American beauties and a "double-fisted old dame" who demanded to know where he was wounded. Not wishing to say "buttocks" in front of the young women, he said "In the rear, Ma'am.", which she took to mean "not at the Front", though in fact he had been wounded at Blanc Mont. Their miscommunication went on from there, growing ever more tangled & absurd. Elsewhere in the issue are a photograph of the 9th Infantry, the regular column, "York Spur's Dope", brief stories, notices, original art, cartoons, editorials, gossip, poetry, sports, and news of individual soldiers & Marines, as well as of different companies & battalions. 16 double-column pages.