Second Division Association

Volume 1, Number 3, Published Weekly.  29 April 1919, Nieuwied-on-the-Rhine, Germany. VG. Wraps. 8.75x11. Staple bound. Several small areas of light brown discoloration to front. Also several fingerprints of brown paint to several interior pages, mostly confined to the margins and not affecting text. However there are two fingerprints on the photograph of the 2d Bttn, 5th Marines on page 14. Fortunately the splotches are confined to the sky & background area of the photo and do not affect the Marines themselves. Apart from these flaws, this is as tight & bright a copy as one finds. There were 14 INDIANS published all told; thirteen in Germany & one aboard ship on the way home. All were published in 1919. Each cover was unique: an original work of art by a member of the division. The cover for this issue is a bit amateurish, but interesting.  It is in green and black and shows a tank breeching a barbed-wire barricade and surrounded by exploding shells, with the caption: "Thanks for the Tanks at Soissons". The title, The Indian, incorporates the 2nd Division emblem: an Indian head with headdress inside a five-pointed star. The cover was designed by Dean C. Barnum. Inside the issue, the lead-off story is "Review of the Conquerors", about the review of the 2nd Division for Secretary of the Navy Josephus Daniels, on the plateau above Vallendar, Germany, the same parade ground where the German Eighth Corps had earlier paraded before the Kaiser. Other items include a full-page drawing showing the Marine Corps eagle, globe & anchor insignia eclipsing the Imperial Eagle of Germany [see p.32], and a page of 2nd Division photographs (tanks, trucks, prisoners, captured batteries & a balloon). Also included are the regular column, "York Spur's Dope", brief stories, notices, original art, cartoons, editorials, gossip, poetry, sports, and news of individual soldiers & Marines, as well as of different companies & battalions. 16 double-column pages.  SCARCE.