• Requistion for arms, accoutrements, clothing, &c., for Marine Guard, U.S.S. Alliance, July 15, 1877. (2 pages).

  • Letter of Transmittal from "J.B. Capt. U.S.M.C. Com'dg, Marine Guard" to Quartermaster U.S.M.C., Headquarters, Washington, D.C., itemizing returns of clothing, arms, accoutrements, &c., in his charge during part of 4th Quarter, 1877. (2 pages).

  • Receipt for arms, accoutrements, &c., received on July 21, 1877, from "1st Lieut. J.B., U.S.M.C." of the U.S.S. Ohio, by "H.C., 1st Serg. U.S.M.C.", in charge of the Marine Guard, U.S.S. Alliance off Smyrna, Asia Minor. (1 page).

  • Statement for unavoidable loss of arms, accoutrements, &c., from "J.B., 1st Lieut, U.S.M.C., Comd'dg, Guard" of the U.S.S. Alliance, off Smyrna, Asia Minor, July 18th, 1877. (1 page).

  • Statement of arms, accoutrements, &c., in charge of 1st Lieut. J.B., U.S.M.C., of the U.S.S. Ohio, lost or destroyed by neglect, and charged on pay rolls during part of 3rd Quarter, 1877. (2 pages).

  • Request to "Board of Survey", U.S.S. Ohio, off Smyrna, Asia Minor, July 10, 1877, from "J.B., 1st Lieut., U.S.M.C., Com'dg Guard", that a survey be ordered of specified unserviceable articles in his charge. (2/3 page).

  • List of articles referred to in above request to Board of Survey. (1/3 page).

  • Order to Board of Survey by "W.S. Capt. U.S.N., Commanding", of U.S.S. Ohio, that the members of the Board hold a "strict and carefull" survey of articles mentioned in accompanying request and report to him whether, in their judgement, said articles are serviceable or unserviceable, the probable cause as to damage observed, whether proper care was taken for their preservation, in whose charge the articles were when damaged, the amount to be assessed for such damage, and that they recommend what disposition of the articles should be made. Date unspecified. (1 page).

  • Report from Board of Survey, U.S.S. Ohio, off Smyrna, Asia Minor, July 11, 1877, to "Capt. W.S., U.S.N., Comdg.", regarding articles in previous order. (3 pages).

  • Table of deductions to be charged against the accounts of individual enlisted Marines for overdrawn articles of clothing, by "J.B., 2nd Lieut. U.S.M.C., Com'dg Guard" to "C.H. Bartlett, T.A. Paymaster U.S.N"., U.S.S. Alliance, off Smyrna, Asia Minor, June 30, 1877.(1 page).

  • Endorsement to "Louis J. Gulick, 2d Lt. U.S.M.C. Comdg. Guard", U.S.S. Alliance, July 31, 1878, that muster rolls of the Marine Guard are to be made out, (1) one at the end of each month and directed to "Adjutant of the Corps". (1 page).

  • Price list of Marine clothing, July 1, 1878. (1 page).

  • Letter to "Capt Geo. Dewey U.S.N. Commanding" from the captain of the Marine Guard, U.S.S. Pensacola, off Smyrna, Asia Minor, June 30, 1885, requesting that he direct the Pay Inspector of the Pensacola to charge against accounts of the "following named men" (list not provided) the amounts shown opposite their names for overdrawn Marine clothing. (1 page).

  • Muster Roll of Marine Guard, U.S.S. Pensacola, undated. (2 pages).

  • General Instructions to Marine Guard in seventeen articles. (4 pages).

  • Duties of the Marine Guard, differentiated by rank: 1st Sergeant, 2nd & 3rd Sergeants, Corporals, Sergeant of the Guard and Sentinels. (8 1/2 pages).

  • Muster Roll of Marines by rank, and showing a five-digit number for each man. (1 page).

  • Liberty List, San Francisco Guard, July 19, 1893. Ship unspecified. (1 page).

  • Detail for Boats: man & arm boats, and abandon ship, for stern launch, sailing launch, first cutter, second cutter, third cutter, first whale boat and second whale boat. Ship and date unspecified. (3 pages).

  • Table indicating position (latitude & longitude) and speed (knots) for each day at noon, from May 17 to May 28, year unspecified. Ship unspecified. (1 page).

  • Table of consecutive 24-hour periods (ie. noon Jan 29 to noon Jan 30, etc.), extending from January 29 to February 4. For each such period a specific number is assigned (117, 137, 123, etc.). Year, ship and purpose of table unspecified. (1 page).

  • Calendar for the whole of May 1893, showing when individual Marines of the Guard were on leave, confined to barracks, or transferred. (2 pages).

  • Log covering period from July 24, 1893 to September 3, 1895, enumerating activities of individual Marines: sicknesses, liberties, returns from liberty, late returns, confinements, infractions of the law, desertions, transfers, promotions, absences, new men reporting for duty, etc. Also inspections by officers, as well as requisitions for, & receipts of, clothing articles, accoutrements, etc. (18 pages).

  • A second, shorter log, covering period April 17 to May 17 (year unspecified),, similar in purpose to previous log, but containing additional instructions to the Marine Guard such as what uniform articles, accoutrements or weapons (sidearms, bayonets, collars, etc) to wear or carry on which occasions; when and where smoking is prohibited; when and in what circumstances to salute, etc. (2 pages).

  • Ship's Itinerary, covering period from May 2, 1885 February 10, 1887, showing dates for sailings from, and arrivals at, thirty different ports-of-call, commencing at Norfolk, Virginia, and extending throughout the North Atlantic and Mediterranean, from Stockholm to Lisbon to Alexandria to Beirut. Ship unspecified. (1 1/2 pages).

  • A third log covering period April 16 to June 24 (year unspecified), containing similar information to the previous two logs. Ship unspecified. (3 1/2 pages).

  • A section of personal addresses, including many Gillis family members, evidently kept by 1st Sergeant Gillis. (6 1/2 pages).

  • A section of birthday dates of Gillis family members. (1/2 page).

  • General Service Code. Table composed of combinations of "1" and "2", with a different combination assigned to every letter of the alphabet, and to numerals "0" to "9". (1 page).

  • General Order No. 237, from R.W. Thompson, Secretary of the Navy, Navy Department, Washington, D.C., March 12, 1878, enumerating five regulations regarding "the disrating and reducing in rating of Non.Com officers of the Marine Corps and in filling vacancies caused thereby." (3 1/2 pages).

  • A second Ship's Itinerary, commencing at Norfolk, Virgina, and covering period March 9, 1877 to February 8, 1879, showing dates for sailings from, and arrivals at, 45 ports-of-call in the North Atlantic and Mediterranean. (2 pages).

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