~ General Instructions to Marine Guard ~
~ July 1st, 1878 (on board the USS Alliance) ~

General Instructions

  1. Implicit obedience to all orders is strictly enjoined.
  2. Non.com. officers must be treated with respect and their orders obeyed.
  3. Should any member of the Guard feel himself possessed of any just cause of complaint, he will apply to the 1st Sergeant for permission to state his case to his superior officer ~ On the other hand, grumbling, insolence or insubordinate conduct in any shape, will meet with instant and severe punishment.
  4. While it is enjoined upon the guard to be civil to the crew, skylarking, or intimacy of any kind with the sailors cannot be tolerated, as such conduct is prejudicial to the good order and discipline of the ship ~
  5. It is the duty of any member of the guard when they see men fighting to immediately separate them, and assist the Master-at-arms and Non.Com. Officers of the guard in bringing them to the Mast.
  6. No article of clothing will be altered or destroyed except by permission of the Comdg. Officer of the Guard.
  7. Loaning, trading, selling, or exchanging articles of clothing is strictly prohibited unless by permission of the Comdg. Marine Officer.
  8. Frequent inspections will be had of the Guards clothing, and the men will be held to account for all articles issued to them.
  9. Members of the Guard wishing to see the Comdg. Off. of the guard, will notify the 1st Sergeant before morning inspection.
  10. All request for liberty must pass through the 1st Sergt., and all liberty or visiting men must report their return to him immediately after their return on board ~
  11. Any member of the guard desiring to see the Doctor must notify the 1st Sergt. By 8 am ~
  12. All members of the guard are enjoined to yield on all occasions a willing, cheerful and prompt obedience to those placed over them; to avoid difficulties with each other or quarreling with sailors; to be always neat and tidy, and to contribute all in their power to promote harmony & order ~
  13. At all assembly's of the guard every dutiable man must be on deck before the guard is formed ~
  14. The arms will not be taken apart unless by permission of the Comdg. Marine Officer ~
  15. Lost arms or accoutrements will be charged against the accounts of looser if caused by his neglect ~
  16. All clothing will be marked with the owners name in full ~
  17. Every member of the guard on reaching the quarter-deck either from a boat or below, or on leaving it to go over the side, will salute the deck ~


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