~ Selection from the Log of 1stSgt Gillis,
November 1894 ~


1. First Sg Sick from 1 to 10th.
9. Pvt Burke absent from 7 am.
11. Pvt Burke returned 64 hrs over liberty, 4.Class.
14. Recived clothing from Phila.
17. Forwarded receipts for clothing.
19. Forwarded acknowledgement for stationery.
22. 1.Sgt sick to 23d.
29. Sgt Cashman jumped the ship, missed at 10 pm.


3. Pvt Carter returned from Hospital ~
4. Forwarded quarterly releases(?)
5. Bradley 5 hrs over liberty ~
7. Miller 12 hrs over liberty, 3.Class.
10. Sgt Cashman dropped from Sep 29
Lent requisition to Qtr. Mstr. For 2 suits rubber clothes.
13. Pvt Durgin absent from 7 am
Corp. Currie conf. To Bks.
Corp. Kennedy fined
Forwarded requisition for ammunition belt & abstracts ~
Durgin 16 hours over liberty
14. Pvt Burke conf, being insolent, threatening & abusive to 1st Sergt.
19. Pvt Wm. W. Gilbert joined from Bks.
24. Pvt. Robinson conf. to Bks.
Pvt Hayburgh joined from Bks.
1st Sergt sick 24 to 31.
30. Pvt Durgin absent from 7 am.
25. Rec. Belts.


1. Maj Reed insp. The Guard.
3. Pvt Durgin 53 hours over Liberty
4. Pvt Barnes 9 hours over liberty
7. Pvt Bradley 4 hours over liberty
3. forwarded Muster Roll & Receipts for belts.
5. Reports to Col. Comdt.
9th. Pvt Burke reported asleep on gun Deck by officer of the deck,
relieved of post, prisoner at large.
Pvt McKenna refused to relieve sentry on barge.
10. Pvt Burke and McKenna taken to the mast awaiting action of Comdg
12. Pvt Burke put under sentry's charge awaiting trial by summary Court
Martial, established post on brig.
14. 1st Sergt Duncan Gillis went to Naval Hospital, Chelsea Mass.
21st. Pvt Burke sentenced to 30 days bread and water, full ration every
fifth day, by summary Court Martial.
25. forwarded receipts for accoutrements.
28. Pvt Wm Horan transferred to Bk.
1st Serg returned to duty ~
Pvt Wm Sullivan joined from Bk.


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