2ND DIVISION Nov. 24, 1918.

Interrogation of 2 German Prisoners of War

2 German Prisoners of War, from the 67th Regt. Field Art., belonging to the 51st Division, entered our lines near ETTELBRUCK this morning (Nov.23rd). The Regiment bivouaced 6 kilometers from WILTZ during the night, Nov. 21-22nd, and started out in the morning at 9 o'clock, Nov. 22nd, for HORSHEID, where they arrived at 8 o'clock in the evening. Here they left the regiment and entered our lines as above stated. The prisoners claim to be Alsatians but they do not speak French. They had received their discharge on the 20th and had been told, that as soon as they reached the German border, they would receive a railroad ticket and allowed to go home, but yesterday morning the officers had come to them and said that they would not be allowed to go; that only the Rhinelanders would be allowed to go home. At the same time the officers had also asked of the soldiers, if they were in favor of and would take up arms either for the new or old government. For this reason this morning they decided to run away from the regiment. They also stated that none of the troops had any desire to fight any more and they had overheard many of them say: "Let the Americans and French come to Berlin and farther if they want to, we do not want to fight." As the German border is reached by the troops the congestion on the roads are getting worse, which the prisoners attribute to the fact that the troops are being assembled on the other side of the border. Stricter discipline has been enforced during the last few days and all the soldiers have been ordered to carry their arms and ammunition. The horses are well fed and in good condition but the regiment has been reduced to 6 batteries instead of 9, the other 3 batteries having been distributed between the other regiments.

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