2ND DIVISION Nov. 27, 1918.

On Possibility Again to Take Up Arms

Field Marshal von HINDENBURG has telegraphed from SCHLOSSWELHELMSHORE on the 20th of November: The Armistice Commission reports that the attitude of the enemy members of the Commissions, in particular the French, is throughout challenging, that the enemy is continuing to demand impossibilities and that it is not impossible that the French are seeking to bring about an excuse for the renewal of hostilities. I must explicitly lay stress upon, that the German Army as a result of the rigorous armistice conditions, and under the influence of the incidents at home, is not in the condition again to take up arms. Even a war against the French Army alone is not possible. I deem it my duty, also for this reason, to lay stress upon that the utterances in the enemy press, are to the effect that the enemy goverments will only conclude peace with a German government, which is supported by a majority of the people.

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