2ND DIVISION Nov. 28, 1918.

Conversation with a German Chauffeur
Who Drove an Officer into Our Lines

The 3rd German Army headquarters is at present in COBLENZ. The reason that the German troops are massed on the border, is in his opinion, due to the fact that they have had a very short time to pull out of the invaded territory, and as a consequence of which, the roads across the border are congested. The congestion is also due to the fact that the roads are in poor condition on account of the inclement weather and numerous trucks are stuck on the roads. The discipline among the troops is far below the German standard, and it is only in very few instances that the officers are able to keep them under control. Numerous soldiers are running away each day to their homes, wearing red badges. The Alsace-Lorrainers and Rhinelanders residing on this side of the Rhine are being discharged from the Army and allowed to go home. While the soldiers all realize that they have been defeated in the field, they claim a greater victory in as much as the old government has been overthrown.

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