2ND DIVISION Nov. 29, 1918.

Interrogation of Pvt. Dan Tucker,
18th Co., 5th Regiment Marines

Last Thursday night when in a town near ARLON he left his battalion to go back to ARLON to get some stuff which he had left behind, where he remained until the 42nd Division came in. From ARLON he went to BARNICH, caught a train from there to LUXEMBOURG. The train was operated by Luxembourgers ~ there were no Germans on board - arrived in LUXEMBOURG and found elements of the 32nd Division there. Thinking his division had gone to COBLENZ he caught a train from LUXEMBOURG to WASSERBILLIG. This was also a Luxembourg train; there were no Germans on the train. However, at WASSERBILLIG a lot of Germans got on. From WASSERBILLIG he went to TRIER and from TRIER to COBLENZ and returned by the same route to LUXEMBOURG. The Germans paid no attention to him, the only one he spoke to being a German officer in COBLENZ, who took him to lunch at hotel. The soldiers about the towns were orderly. None carry arms, except the Guards, who wore white bands on their sleeves. Both COBLENZ and TRIER appeared to be run by the Council of Workmen and Soldiers. There appeared to be some scarcity of food but the people were all well dressed. There were no riots or disorder and the streets were decked with German flags. The children in the streets ran up to him and walked along with him. No one seemed hostile towards him. The train on which he travelled seemed to be in good condition. There were quite a few troops in COBLENZ and he understood they were going to move soon.

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