2ND DIVISION Dec. 1, 1918.

Translation of Proclamation to the German People
by Marshal Foch

The military authorities of the Allied powers are taking over the administration of the country. They demand the strictest obedience from everyone. The laws and orders in force at the time of our entry will be observed by us in so far as it does not interfere with our right and security. Government officials and employees will be expected to continue to do their duties under the military authorities' guidance and supervision. The officials are bound to, and it will be required of them, to perform their duties conscientiously and honestly. Law courts are continuing to hold sittings. The inhabitants must avoid showing signs of hostile feelings towards the allied authorieties through words or deeds, direct or indirect. They must respond to the demands which will be lawfully made on them. Every one who is found to be a misdemeanor or accomplice will be apprehended and court-martialed. Every violation of the regulations which have been announced to the population, as well as any refusal to obey the commands given, will be severely dealt with. This proclamation establishes the occupation of the country by the Allied Armies. It gives everybody to understand that it is his duty to help through work, peace and discipline, in the restoration of the local living conditions. Everyone must diligently busy himself therewith.

Commander in Chief of the Allied Armies,

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