2ND DIVISION Dec. 1, 1918.

Conversation with a (Larochette) Luxemburg Citizen, Just Returned from University in Munich, Where He was a Student During the War Period

He States:

That the states of Bavaria, Wurtemburg, and Baden have formed a confederation called the "Deutsche Volkstaat" - a republic. They will be firmly established within a few days as an lic. They will be firmly established within a few days as an autonomous state. The officers and students form the class called the "All-Deutsch" party. This group is very reactionary and holds firmly to the old Germanic ideas of "Might is Right" and "Germany Over All". But the working class, the trades-people and in short, the bourgois majority are of a very decided Socialistic cast of mind. He feels sure that this majority will receive us with a warm and sympathetic welcome. In Munich, the people retired one night - a part of a monarchy; the next morning they awakened to find themselves a republic; by proclamation. With the exception of a few anti-officer riots of small scope, all this change was received very quietly. Bavaria seems to have automatically accepted the governmental change and is very content.

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