12 November 1918

Headquarters, 4th Brigade,
Marines, American E.F.
12th November 18


NO. 40

I. Field Orders #63, 2nd Division, 12th November 18 (copy attached hereto) forwarded for compliance:

1. (a) An armistice with Germany has been signed and all hostilities ceased at 11:00 hours, 11th November 18.

(b) The allied armies are being held in readiness for a further advance.

2. (a) The 2nd Division will organize a position of resistance on its present front and be ready to renew the advance.


Right (south) Limit: LETANNE, (inclusive) to the left flank of the 89th Division on its front line.

Left (north) Limit: le BASACE ~ MOUZON (both inclusive).

Front Line: The line attained at 11:00 hours, 11th November, 18 withing our Divisional limit.

3. (a) The present line attained will be organized in depth. Troops will be disposed so as to obtain maximum rest and comfort consistent with necessary arrangements for security and with preparations for a further advance.

(b) The 4th Brigade will hold the front line. It will relieve any part of the 3rd Brigade now in the front line. Details of relief to be arranged between Brigade Commanders. This line will not be passed by any American troops until further orders. Communication with the enemy is forbidden. The cessation of hostilities is an armistice only and not peace, and there must bew no relaxation of vigilance. Liaison agents will be exchanged with adjoining units.

( c) DIVISIONAL RESERVE: The 3rd Brigade when relieved by the 4th Brigade will occupy a position in support in Beaumont and Yoncq and their vicinity and be prepared for further advancing. The 4th M.G. Bn. will be part of the Division reserve and remains in place.

ARTILLERY: The 2nd F.A. Brigade will be prepared to take defensive or offensive action in support of the Infantry.


5. Division P.C. ~ No change. Brigade P.C.s ~ No change.

II. The 4th Brigade Marines will be disposed with both Regiments in line, 5th on right and 6th on left.


Between Regiments: Left flank of the organized line of the 5th Marines resting on the MEUSE river. Southwest along the west bank of that river to point 308-311.6, westward across the railway track and along bottom of the ravine to VILLEMONTRY-BEAUMONT road, thencve southwest along that road to the west edge of SARTELLE FME thence to end of dirt road on Height 302 and along that road to the west edge of la THINAUDINE FME.

The 5th and 6th Marines will on 13th November, 18 relieve troops of the 3rd Brigade now in line within their Regimentals sectors. Reconnaissance and billeting parties will be sent out to make the necessary arrangements for the relief as soon as possible. The relief will be effective at 12:00 Noon, 13th November, 18 and command will pass to the Commanding General, 4th Brigade, at that time.


The 5th Marines will be disposed two Battalions on east Bank of the MEUSE with one Battalion reserve in the region of LETANNE-SARTELLE FARM.

The 6th Marines will be disposed with at least one battalion in the region of VILLEMONTRY-LA-FROBOURG and two Battalions in farms and bivouac forward of the town YONCQ.


The 5th Marines are to be supported by the 15th F.A. Regiment and the 6th Marines by the 12th F.A. Regiment.


Machine Gun Companies will remain assigned to Infantry Battalions as at present.

3. P.C. 4th Brigade will remain in place.

By command of Brigadier General Neville:

EARL H. ELLIS Lieut. Col., USMC. Adjutant.

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