2nd DIVISION (REG.) Nov. 13, 1918.

Interrogation of Two French Prisoners of War

Taken prisoner the 25th April, 1918, at Mt. KEMMEL. They were taken through various camps in Belgium and later brought to MOUZON where there was a large concentration camp and where they worked as cultivators, etc. The 4th November they left MOUZON, were taken back into Belgium to ETHE. From there they escaped and made their way back to MOUZON and penetrated into our lines on the 12th Nov., in the morning, at MOUZON.

The prisoners stated that on the 4th November they were part of a large body of prisoners who were conducted into Belgium in 3 marches, under a very lax guard. That the Germans were retreating in a more or less disorderly fashion behind their front lines, and that there seems to be a veritable debacle, which made it possible for them, as well as a good many others, to escape and hide with civilians, from whom they obtained civilian clothes and thus attired, penetrated our lines as above stated. The Germans in MOUZON saw them traverse the town, cross the foot bridge and made no effort to stop them. They had seen some German officers in MOUZON, some of whom appeared to be of high rank, having driven up to the town in automobiles. The Germans still have many pieces of artillery in place on the heights and crest of hills, some of which they appeared to be leaving and others they were taking back with them. The withdrawal of the Germans appeared to be through LUXEMBOURG. They were informed by German soldiers that there was a revolution going on in Germany and that the Germans wanted to establish a republic. That many of the German soldiers had thrown away their arms and had declared there would be no more war for them. The lack of order and military discipline struck them to a marked degree.

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