2nd DIVISION (REG.) Nov. 14, 1918.

Interrogation of Two French Prisoners of War

Captured 30th May, 1918, at CUTS near NOYON. They escaped from BERTRIX the 10th November, crossing our lines Nov. 14th, at MOUZON. The prisoners state that during the time of their captivity they have had very little to eat, never once had they received a letter or package from their friends; they were improperly housed and clothed. Since the German retreat the month 1st of November, there had been a marked lack of discipline among the Germans, which since the signing of the Armistice, had practically turned into anarchy. That the German soldiers were pillaging everything possible, including their own military stores; were not submissive to orders and in fact, they had witnessed the killing of 2 German officers by German soldiers at BERTRIX, one of the German officers being a major. They noticed however, that few officers were about, most of them apparently having left their commands.

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