Cpl John Milton Parsons, USMC

15th Company, 6th Machine Gun Battalion

John Milton Parsons was from Harrison County Kentucky. He enlisted in the Marine Corps on May 4 , 1915 and served in Haiti with 15th. Company, 2nd Regiment, 1st Brigade.

He went on to serve with 15th Company, 6th Machine Gun Battalion, 4th Brigade of Marines, 2nd Division, AEF in France during World War I. He is listed on the 15th Company roster as of 15 March 1918, while the company was in the Bourmont Training Area. He would have served in the trenches southeast of Verdun during March and April, 1918, at Belleau Wood during June, at Soissons in July, the Marbache Sector during August, at St Mihiel in September and at Blanc Mont until October 4 when he was killed in action.

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Parsons and nine of his chums, Haiti, late 1916.
Written on the back of photo are the names of the men:
Parsons, Dolan, Lawrence, Wilson, Murphy,
Tompilson, Ramsey, Mapp, F?dichs, Sherer

Names from the 15th Co. roster in France
in March 1918 which are a possible match are as follows:
Pvt LeBaron A. Dolan, 108398; Pvt Walter F. Dolan, 108334;
Pvt Bay Wilson, 108475; Pvt Robert B. Wilson, 108339;
Sgt Frederick C. Murphy, 108352; Sgt Joseph F. Murphy, 108331;
Cpl Jack Napp, 108367; Pvt George L. Scherer, 108455.

Photo from Graves Registration Service

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