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Up Front with the 27th Marines

James S. Vedder

NF/NF. New condition. Jacket in mylar protector. (Novato, CA: Presidio, 1984). Photographs, maps, index, 226 pages.

As chief medical officer for the 3d Battalion, 27th Marines, the author had the kind of experience that most doctors, even in wartime, never have. Aid stations were set up in shell-hole craters, where doctors and corpsmen tended wounds, operated, saved lives. A skilled surgeon and a compassionate leader, a man of firm mind and direct action, Dr. Vedder watched over his 18-year-old litter-bearers, the most vulnerable to enemy fire, with fatherly concern. He counselled the timid, cautioned the foolhardy. On D-day plus three he, himself, was awarded the Silver Star for accompanying the litter-bearers to and from the front lines under hazardous conditions. ~~~ James Vedder's narrative is hard to put down. Medically, the book might well be a revelation to many even in the profession. As a war story, it is superb. Bravery of men in action was constant. He also tells of others -- men who hoarded rations, who lost their nerve, who shirked their duty. ~~~ The action is crisp, the dialogue natural, and the book as a whole makes a compelling account you will never forget. Twenty-two transports brought the 5th Division to Iwo Jima. Eight troop ships, with room to spare, took them out a month later. Dr. Vedder charts the course of victory in between.

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