The ACCOMAC, a galley; William Underhill, Captain; in service 1777-1778.

The ADVENTURE, a schooner; William Saunders, Captain; in service in 1776.

The CASWELL, a galley; Willis Wilson, Captain; in service in 1776.

The CONGRESS, a sloop; William Skinner, Captain; John Allison, Captain of Marines on board in 1776.

The DEFIANCE, a sloop; Eleazer Callender, Captain; 1st Lieutenant William Greene, later Captain.

The DILIGENCE, a galley; Johannes Watson, Captain; in service in 1777.

The DRAGON, built at Fredericksburg and construction superintended by Eleazer Callender, who commanded; in service 1776 to 1779.

The FLY, a boat; a Mr. Chamberlayne, Captain ; fitted out in 1779.

The GLOUCESTER; Thomas Lilley, Captain; ordered dismantled in 1779.

The GREYHOUND; a brigantine employed in trade; Edward Woneycutt, Captain.

The HENRY, a galley; Robert Tompkins, Captain; in service in 1778.

The HERO, a galley; George Muter, Captain in 1776, ordered dismantled in 1779.

The HORNET, formerly the LIBERTY; Richard Taylor, Captain.

The JEFFERSON, a brig; Phillip Barron, Captain; in service in 1779.

The LEWIS, a row galley; Celey Saunders, Captain ; in service in 1778.

The LIBERTY, a brig; Captain Lilly Thomas; in service in 1776.

The LIBERTY, a sloop; changed to the HORNET before July, 1776; Richard Taylor, Captain ; referred to as the "armed vessel fitted out by Colonel Lewis", and was perhaps in the engagement at Gwynn's Island.

The LIBERTY, a boat; James Michael, Commander.

The MANLEY, a galley; James Cocke, Captain ; and other commanders later; in service 1776-1779.

The MOSQUITO, a brig; Isaac Younghusband, Captain; succeeded by John Harris in 1776.

The NORFOLK REVENGE, a galley; John Calvert, Captain. Sunk May 29, 1778, in the Nansemond River.

The NORTHAMPTON, a brig; Francis Bright, Captain; succeeded by John Lurty in 1778.

The PAGE, a galley, formerly the 2nd Row Galley. On the Rappahannock; James Markham, Captain.

The PATRIOT; Richard Barron, Captain in 1777.

The PEACE AND PLENTY, employed in trade; Francis Bright, Captain.

The PROTECTOR, a galley; Jesse George, Captain, afterward Captain John Thomas

The REVENGE, a galley; William Deane, Captain; Captain Samuel Towles took command November 25, 1777.

The SAFEGUARD, a galley; George Elliott, Captain.

The SCORPION, a sloop; Wright Westcott, Captain; Marines on board commanded by Lieutenant Laban Goffagan.

The TARTAR; Richard Taylor, Captain; commanded later by Captains John Lurty and William Saunders.

The TEMPEST, Celey Saunders, Captain.

The WASHINGTON, Willis Wilson, Captain.

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