A 9x6 staple-bound booklet with "U.S. MARINES" at the top of the front cover, and " SOLDIERS OF THE SEA" at the bottom. Cover is a red, blue and black block print depicting armed Marines in prone defensive postions (one Marine with binoculars standing) beneath palm trees, with steamships and setting sun in the distance behind them. In decent condition overall, with a 1/4" tear to side of cover and some light creasing.

Inside, on title page, a dime-sized spot of paper-residue from an old sticker. Title page reads: "U.S. MARINES: DUTES, EXPERIENCES, OPPORTUNITIES, PAY. Seventh Edition. U.S. Marine Corps Publicity Bureau, 177 East Twenty-Fourth Street, New York, New York".

Thirty-two pages with photographs on most pages. Type & photos in light green. Photo captions as follows: A Marine Field Radio Outfit; The Marine Detachment of a Battleship; Marine Barracks, Puget Sound; On the Rifle Range; Five-inch Marine Gun Crew in Action; Launching a Marine Flying Boat; A Marine Camp in the Tropics; Inspection of the Color Guard; Raising the American Flag over Vera Cruz; Marines Studying Wireless Telegraphy; A Barracks Bowling Alley; A Typical Barracks Amusement Room; A Minstrel Troupe, American Legation Guard, Managua, Nicaragua; Instruction in Advance Base Work; A Party of Marines from the Asiatic Fleet sightseeing in Shanghai, China; Marine Field Artillery in Haiti; Marines belonging to the Legation Guard, Peking, China; Visiting an Old Temple; The Mascot (camel) of the Marine Guard at the American Legation, Peking, China; Marine Motor Cycle Carriers in Haiti; Barracks of Marine Detachment, American Legation, Managua, Nicaragua; A Motor-Drawn Battery on the March in Santo Domingo; Wall Scaling; Marines Manning an Anti-Aircraft Gun on Board a Battleship; Company Inspection at Marine Barracks; Class of Marine Field Musics, at Recruit Depot, Port Royal, S.C.; Ready for Inspection; Boat Drill; An Out-Door Gymnasium; Instuction in Cooking in the Field; Physical Training; A Sham Battle in Southern California; Preparing on Land for Duty at Sea."

Out of Print.